If Putin Said About the US What Erdogan Just Said About the US, “Alt Media” Would Be Cheering Him Until Breathless

One of the first casualties in the war between alt-media and mainstream media has been the death of rational thinking when it comes to condemning any and all kinds of terrorism. Objectively, the PKK and its allies have taken more lives in Turkey than all acts of terrorism that have taken place on US soil since 1776 combined. In other words, while people in the US correctly fear terrorist groups like Daesh, al-Qaeda,  far right militant groups and far left militant groups, in reality, Turks have far more to fear from the PKK, because the PKK has done far more to Turkey than anyone has ever done to the US in terms of lives taken and this statistic is inclusive of 9/11. 

Examined from another perspective, let us consider the fact that China and Russia are both strong partners across a variety of fields. While the Russian government does not like to use the word “ally” in the 21st century, China and Russia are de-facto strong allies. Imagine then if China gave free state-of-the-art arms including MANPADS, armoured vehicles and even tanks to fascist terrorists fighting the civilians of Donbass. Furthermore, imagine if the Chinese Foreign Minister praised a group like the neo-Nazi Azov battalion. Imagine then if China also covertly aided terrorist groups within Russia’s modern borders and still expected Moscow to be its friend? It is unthinkable that a Sino-Russian friendship could sustain itself under such conditions.

But while many think that the unimaginable hypothetical scenario above has no parallel in contemporary geopolitics, it in fact accurately describes the current US relations with Turkey, once the names of terror groups and locations are changed.

The US continues to give high grade modern US made weapons to the PKK aligned YPG terror group operating on Turkey’s borders in northern Syria. The YPG and its political wing PYD has committed documented acts of social and ethnic cleansing against both the majority Arab population and against ethnic minorities. Moreover, the YPG/PKK seeks to illegally annex territory of both the Republic of Turkey and Syrian Arab Republic in order to form an outlaw statelet whose existence has only ever been formally endorsed by “Israel”. However, the US is de-facto aiding the YPG/PKK in their desire to illegally seize other states’ land.

All of this should be considered when Turkey’s President Erdogan stated the following in a recent interview:

“The US sent 5,000 trucks loaded with weapons to northern Syria. We cannot buy weapons from the US with our money, but unfortunately, the US and coalition forces give these weapons, this ammunition, to terrorist organisations for free. So where does the threat come from? It comes primarily from strategic partners(the US)”.

Here Erdogan is referring to the fact that while the US would not cut a favourable deal for Turkey to buy its missile defence systems which has led Ankara to finalise talks to purchase Russia’s S-400 systems, the US nevertheless has threatened Turkey over the S-400 deal while giving Turkey no economically reasonable alternative. And yet while all of this is happening, the US continues to arm a declared enemy of Turkey, the YPG/PKK. It is no wonder Erdogan reached a conclusion that the US is posing a primary threat to Turkish security.  Any leader of any country, including and perhaps especially Russia would say the same thing in such a situation.

Compounding things even further, the US is becoming increasingly arrogant in its not so covert support of the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO), a group held responsible by Ankara for the failed coup of 2016. Earlier this year, US consular employees in Turkey were arrested for being members of FETO, while currently a US born so-called preacher, Andrew Brunson is standing trial in the FETO hotbed of Izmir on charges of being a member of FETO and conspiring against the state.

Donald Trump has Tweeted his support for Brunson, while failing to mention that the founder and leader of FETO, Fethullah Gülen happily resides in the United States while Washington has failed to ever consider Turkey’s requests for extradition on terrorism charges. If the shoe was on the other foot, imagine how angry people in the US would be if Turkey offered asylum to the Takfiri killers involved in terrorist atrocities on US soil, or if Ankara set up schools throughout the world training would-be American mass shooters. This too is exactly what FETO has done with US aid. FETO has set up schools throughout the Balkans, particularly in states that are close US allies including Albania. In fact FETO has some of its most prominent operations near the giant US base Camp Bonsteel – a base illegally built by Washington on Serbian territory. Thus, when Erodgan offered to hand Brunson over to US authorities in exchange for the US handing Gulen to Turkey, his offer was not only logical but if anything, overly generous as Brunson is accused of conspiring to commit serious terrorist atrocities with an incredibly dangerous group.

While many in western mainstream media are anti-Erdogan out of what can only be called contemporary prejudice, including an irrational hatred of Muslims and many in the broadly ‘pro-Russian’ media are sceptical of Erdogan because of Turkey’s past relations with Russia and Orthodox nations that traditionally have fraternal feelings towards Russia, the objective reality is that when it comes to the USA’s support of the PKK and FETO, Erdogan and his colleagues are behaving as anyone would in that same position, including Russia, China, Syria, Greece, Serbia, Armenia or any other countries that one tends not to associate with Turkey in a positive way.

The fact is that the US is now trying to sow Kurdish separatism in Syria, a colour revolution in Armenia, is allowing a hotbed of FETO activity to grow in Albania and other Albanian speaking areas of the Balkans, is trying to exploit the naming dispute between Athens and Skopje for its own cynical gain and only ever talks about Cyprus when its British or French allies want to use Cypriot territory to launch attacks on Syria. Erdogan is not doing these things, the US is and what’s more ironic is that Turkey now finds itself as a victim of US destabilising techniques as much as any of the Orthodox countries that some in “pro-Russian media” use to justify negative statements about Turkey. By contrast, Turkey has sided with US sceptics in Skopje over the infamous naming dispute, while yesterday, Erdogan stated that it is time for Turkey and Greece to once and for all settle centuries of disputes before another conflict breaks out.

The fact is that all legitimate states have the right to protect themselves from external threats. This is true for small nations like Serbia as much as it is true of large nations like Turkey or Russia itself. Erdogan clearly sees the US as a threat to its security in spite of still attempting to strike a balance between ‘east and west’. It’s about time that many in the media put their prejudices aside and understand the reality. It is the American Empire, not the Ottoman Empire that is causing trouble from Central Asia and the Caucasus to the Balkans and North Africa.

Finally, if any questions remain, if Vladimir Putin gave an interview in which he accused the US of sponsoring armed radicals in Russia and the fascist terrorists attacking Donbass and if he further accused the US of failing to hand over wanted terrorists to Russian authorities, how would so-called “alt-media” respond? The answer is that they would cheer until breathless. Turkey has the same rights as Russia, China, Armenia, Syria, Pakistan or Iran to defend itself against terrorism.

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