Was Last Night’s “Missile Strike” on Syria a “Friendly Fire” False Flag?

On the evening of the 29th of April at 22.30 local time, several giant explosions occurred virtually simultaneously in Syria. Two allegedly strikes occurred in Hama Governorate and while another took place in Aleppo Governorate. The blasts were among the heaviest throughout the course of the present Syrian conflict. In fact they were so heavy that they caused seismic activity, with the area around one of the Hama blasts resulting in a  2.6-magnitude earthquake.

So while the explosions were very real, the incidents remain shrouded in a combination of mystery and falsehood. First of all and perhaps most strangely based on recent trends in the Syrian conflict, not a single country in the world has assigned blame for the strikes.

When it comes to determining who would target Syria aggressively with a modern sophisticated air-force, “Israel” and the United States are the two likely candidates for such an attack. However, while the US typically not only admits its air attacks on Syria but does so with a sense of pride, the US has said nothing about the attacks from the 29th. Furthermore, unlike the US led tripartite aggression against Syria earlier in April where most of the incoming missiles were successfully intercepted by the Syrian Arab Army, in the attack from Sunday, not only was nothing intercepted, but it appears that Syria did not even attempt to intercept any of the alleged missiles.

If the US was so ready to congratulate itself on its earlier attack on Syria which did little material damage, wouldn’t Twitter-happy Donald Trump congratulate his military on creating a series of blasts which not only hit their targets but hit their targets hard? The logical answer would be that the US would celebrate a clearly successful mission. As it were, the US has denied responsibility for the attack and has also said that none of America’s coalition partners were involved.

Moving to the next most likely culprit of “Israel”, unlike the US, sometimes Tel Aviv gloats about its aggressive attacks on Syria and sometimes it neither confirms nor denies they happened. Therefore, as some unverified reports have alleged, it could be that “Israel” used its US made F-35 jets in the attack that Syria cannot track with its current radar systems.

But if this was the case then why haven’t Syria and Iran blamed “Israel” for the attack as they typically do within hours of similar attacks? If the US has clearly ruled itself out of attacks it would normally gloat about, then why haven’t Syria, Iran or Russia for that matter assigned blame to the only other possible assailant?

Furthermore, with Iran going out of its way to claim that not a single Iranian was injured in the strikes, contrary to what some pro-Takfiri media sources are saying, it has not yet been confirmed by any credible source that a single person of any national origin or military loyalty has died as a result of massive strikes.

Making matters even more strange, independent media outlet Al-Masdar has said that the alleged strikes in Aleppo destroyed an entire village. Al-Masdar’s website shows photos of the destroyed buildings in Al-Malkiyah but says nothing about deaths or injuries and none of the pictures display any bodies or signs of human struggle.

If “Israel” really did destroy several military cites and a village, something which caused an earthquake in the process but did not kill a single person, why wouldn’t Syria and Iran be condemning an “Israeli” aggression as they typically do? To this end, how is it even possible that not one body has been found or missing person reported after such large blasts that apparently came without warning including in areas not far from residential housing?

Of course, it could just be a miracle that apparently no one was hurt and that an entire village in Aleppo that was struck was completely abandoned, or the entire thing could be a false flag.

While the US and “Israel” have become infamous for their 20th century false flag attacks, those on the other side of the geopolitical divide are equally capable of committing such false flags. Could it be that on the eve of a speech by “Israeli” regime leader Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran wanted to test some of its new weapons on abandoned sites in Syria with the cooperation of the Syrian government and almost certainly after alerting Russia? It is a possibility that cannot be ruled out, not least because Syria, Iran and Russia have failed to offer a more logical explanation for the events of the 29th, let alone an explanation for their lack of an explanation.

An Iranian false flag would serve several purposes for Tehran:

1. It could show “Israel” the extent of its firepower at a time when Tel Aviv is trying to force the US out of the JCPOA and towards confrontation with Iran.

2. It could try and seduce “Israel” into taking credit for something they did not do and later expose Tel Aviv as dishonest.

3. It could serve the purpose of showing Russia that Iran has no plans of backing off its military manoeuvres in Syria, even though Russia would prefer if all of Syria’s partners shifted their military priorities to political ones.

Of course, Syria itself could have done the same and so too could Russia or Turkey, but while Russia and Turkey have zero motive to do such a thing and while Syria is historically less inclined for psy-ops than Iran, the fact of the matter is that it likely was either an “Israeli” attack that has severely embarrassed both Syria and Iran due to their lack of ability to intercept the alleged missiles (Russia has a policy of not stopping “Israeli” attacks in Syria) or it was an Iranian false flag designed to both frighten and confuse “Israel”.

Of course this is speculation, but it is speculation based on the realities of the conflict. Until one of the powers in the Syrian conflict presents hard evidence of who did the attack that could only have logically been conducted by Iran or “Israel” at such a junction, speculation is the best one has.

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