Netanyahu Failed: Majority of Americans Want to Keep JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal)

A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico has found that a majority of Americans are in favour of keeping the JCPOA (aka Iran nuclear deal) in its current form. This means that the views of most Americans surveyed are in line with those of the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency, Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain and the European Union. All of these states and bodies have found that Iran is in full compliance with the deal and that any tampering with the agreement could raise the risk of further tensions. This also means that the world leader who has argued the most vociferously for scrapping the deal, “Israeli” regime leader Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to persuade ordinary Americans that Iran is in violation of the deal and that he has furthermore failed to convince a majority of Americans that Iran poses a threat to the world.

This comes as more and more American media figures from all sides of the political divide have expressed scepticism regarding “Israel’s” vulgar campaign to persuade the US to back their government’s possible withdrawal from the agreement. CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo, an ardent critic of Donald Trump, has conducted a hard-hitting (by US mainstream media standards) interview with Benjamin Netanyahu in which he challenged Netanyahu’s hypocrisy for condemning Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions while failing to disclose “Israel’s” infamous illegal nuclear weapons programme. Cuomo further grilled Netanyahu on why he gave his recent anti-Iranian speech in English, the clear implication being that Netanyahu was trying to persuade a US audience to adopt a policy of hostility towards the JCPOA in an over the top fashion.

On the other side of the US mainstream media spectrum, Trump supporter Alex Jones of Infowars broadcast an interview of former White House adviser to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and former US Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan in which Buchanan stated that “Israel” was trying to once again to lead the US into fighting one of its battles. Buchanan further stated that a war with Iran would be of no benefit to the US. Jones who has been criticised for ignoring “Israel’s” role in pushing the US to war in the Middle East came out in condemnation of Netanyahu’s remarks and associated himself instead with long time “Israel” sceptic Patrick Buchanan.

This is all the more meaningful as many in the US continue to harbour ill-will towards Iran due to the hostage incident of 1979/80 that was largely seen as an embarrassment for the US. But as younger generations of Americans have no recollection of the events of 1979 but are aware of America’s disastrous interventions in the Middle East beginning with the Iraq invasion of 2003 become more politically active, the popularity of withdrawing from the JCPOA which is seen by many as a first step towards commencing war on Iran, is dwindling in America.

While CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Infwars’ Alex Jones can be accused of many things, they cannot be accused of being on the same side as Iran as both news outlets have issued a great deal of anti-Iranian commentary in recent months and years. Nor can CNN and Infowars be accused of having the same political slant as one another. Both media outlets are major rivals with a history of animosity. Furthermore, as Jones came out in support of Pat Buchanan’s statement, self-proclaimed Zionist and right-wing US commentator figure Ben Shapiro began a public smear campaign against Jones making it all the more clear that the issue is one of those who put America first versus those who put “Israel” first.

It would appear that more and more Americans are realising the obvious reality that the US is neither Iran nor “Israel” and that because of this, the security of the American people has little to do with the politics of the Middle East. While American supporters of the Islamic Revolution in Iran would be vociferously opposed to anything that could harm Iran and while Zionists in the US would naturally support the “Israeli” regime, for the majority of Americans, the issue is one of pragmatism. This has led more and more Americans to the conclusion that provoking Iran and running the risk of yet another war for “Israel” in the Middle East is simply not worth it. This is of course the view of Patrick Buchanan who is neither a Zionist nor a supporter of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

After decades of being able to sway the US public into backing Middle East war after Middle East war, it would appear that more Americans are becoming informed about the “Israeli” agenda which has nothing to do with the safety of the American public, the security of the US nation and nothing to do with protecting the US from losing money and soldiers in another Middle East war.

Donald Trump must now choose his next move wisely. Is he the President of the United States, a country where the majority of people want to keep the JCPOA and avoid war with Iran? Or is Trump merely a foreign emissary of the “Israeli” regime who is willing to disregard American public opinion and the opinion of the wider world in following “Israel” towards a path of danger and possible destruction? As someone who will likely seek re-election in just over two years time, the choice should be obvious.


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