Watch Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Inauguration (FULL VIDEO)

After winning the 2018 Russian Presidential election with over 76% of the vote in March of this year, Vladimir Putin’s inauguration ceremony is taking place, after which he will being to serve what is likely to be his final term in office which ends in 2024.

During his remarks after taking the oath of office, President Putin stated that he realises the “tremendous responsibility” that lies on his shoulders in safeguarding the interests of the multi-ethnic population of the Russian Federation. He affirmed that the goal of his life and work is to “serve our people and to save our motherland”. He then thanked the Russian people for their support in the Russian Presidential election before saying that he hopes this support will help Russia to keep “growing and developing”. Putin also said that Russia must be ready to rise to the challenge of the a and defend the country’s values with strength.

Vladimir Putin then said that at a time when the world is “going through a lot of changes”, Russia must be ready to take “historical decisions” that will determine the future of our country for decades to come. The Russian President then said “we should reject injustice and bureaucracy….and all those things which keep people from reaching their potential”.

Putin then emphasised the importance of further internal reforms that must move with the times and embrace the changes of the wider world while remaining true to the multicultural characteristics of Russian society.

Putin closed his remarks by warning that the “wounds” of the 1990s have still not fully healed and that he will have to continue to work hard to remedy this problem. However, in spite of these lingering problems, President Putin referenced the “phoenix like qualities of Russia” and vowed that his political team will be able to cope with both lingering difficulties and new challenges.

Watch the entire ceremony below:

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