60+ Martyred Palestinians and Rising as Turkey and Iran Condemn Occupier Regime While Arab World is Silent

The 15th of May marks the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the catastrophe which saw over 700,000 Palestinians killed and displaced from their homes by European colonists. Beginning on Land Day, on the 30th of March, Palestinians began a continuous protest called the Great March of Return where thousands gathered in Gaza to demand a return to the homes in their ancestral homeland.

Today, protests continue in Gaza and Ramallah in the West Bank in the lead up to the 70th Nakba Day. Today also marks the day that the United States officially opened its new Embassy to “Israel” in Jerusalem/Al-Quds. Already the 14th of May is the single deadliest day for Palestine in four years with over 60 dead and nearly 3,000 injured. In addition to firing live rounds on Palestinian demonstrators, the occupier airforce has begun conducting strikes on Gaza.

While much of the Arab world remains silent on the eve of the most devastating event in modern Arab history, Turkish officials have been vocal in their support for Palestine and their condemnation of the US Embassy move in Al-Quds. Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has Tweeted the following message of support to Palestine.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again called the occupier regime a “terror state” in remarks to UK media. Erdogan further stated,

“Have you heard any noteworthy objections to the massacre by Israel that happened yesterday in Gaza from those who criticise the Afrin operation?”

Erdogan’s remarks are a reference to Turkey’s anti-terrorism Operation Olive Branch against the PKK/YPG terrorist organisations that have occupied parts of northern Syria with direct US assistance and European and “Israeli” political support.

Later Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that it is “not enough to merely condemn” the atrocities against Palestine. He also called the slaughter of Palestinian protesters “state terror” and a “massacre”.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif also commented on the massacre while pointing out the hypocrisy of the United States.

While Palestine struggles, major Arab leaders have failed to support fellow Arabs engaged in an anti-colonial struggle. Instead, Iran and Turkey, the two large non-Arab powers of the Middle East have been increasingly alone as regional voices condemning “Israel’s” calculated aggression against Palestine.

While US officials, including Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka celebrate the opening of an Embassy in Al-Quds, 18 Palestinians are already dead after the first few hours of protests. If the Arab world refuses to support Palestine, it places both Iran and Turkey in the only realistic position to come to the aid of an strangulated Palestine that has been abandoned by its would-be fraternal partners.

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