Some Russians Are Money Chasing Traitors – Get Over It!

The forever strange Sergey and Yulia Skripal saga has taken a new and increasingly absurd turn. Yulia who was allegedly poisoned alongside her father, an allegedly retired British spy of Russian origin in March of this year, gave an interview to Reuters that one could be forgiven for confusing with a commercial for America’s Next Top Model. The Reuters video, complete with a dramatic entrance in the middle of what looks to be some sort of forest shows a very healthy looking Yulia who by any objective standard appears to be far more attractive than she did in any of her “pre-poisoning” photos.

In the video she briefly states that she went through a dramatic ordeal, feels fine now, doesn’t want to talk to the Russian Embassy in London and has no immediate desire to return to Russia. Taken as a whole, she more or less regurgitated the official western narrative on the alleged poisoning in a very succinct manner.

Because so little is actually known about what happened to Sergey and  Yulia Skripal yet nevertheless much has been blamed on the Russian state, it should not be surprising that the Russian Embassy in London has released the following statement,

“The United Kingdom has a responsibility to give us the opportunity to communicate directly with Yulia to make sure that she is not kept [in the UK] against her will and does not make statements under pressure. So far we have every reason to suspect the opposite. Clearly, Yulia read out the pre-written text. Moreover, judging by a number of expressions, it was a translation from English, and the original was written by a native speaker. The published in two languages Julia’s handwritten letters prove this impression”.

While I have no doubt that – as the Embassy officials point out – Yulia was reading out a pre-written text that was almost certainly written originally in English, what I do question is whether Yulia and Sergey Skripal are being held “against their will”. I think that it is highly likely that not only are they not being held against their will but that they are instead likely accomplices in one of the less imaginative false flags in recent memory.

Before continuing, I must restate that the following is my personal theory based on inferential and rational speculation rather than hard evidence. I should also remind the reader that thus far every other theory about what happened to the Skripals is equally theoretical as no one, including any government has provided anything close to a full set of evidence which could explain what did or did not happen to the Skripals.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots 

Being a spy is one of the more peculiar jobs in the world. It clearly takes a certain unusual psychological state for a person to say to himself or herself “I don’t want to be a taxi driver, painter, accountant, chef, teacher or mechanic…I want to be a spy instead”. Of course when such a person has made the decision to spy for one’s own country, one could say that such an individual is patriotic.

But Sergey Skripal was a different matter. He signed up to be a double-agent, a man who spied for a foreign regime against his own nation. This is the legal definition of a traitor and indeed Sergey Skripal was convicted of being a traitor and sentenced to 13 years in prison as a result, in 2004.

For a man like Sergey Skripal to spy on his nation in the services of another there were clearly two factors at hand: the pull of money and an ability to betray one’s duty in the pursuit of material wealth. First of all, when Skripal was recruited to be a British spy the year was 1995, when Russia’s economy was in tatters. Britain almost certainly offered him more money than he was making previously and he made the decision to effectively sell his loyalty and betray his legal duties as a result.

Even though Skripal was released from prison in 2010, it would appear that the last “proper job” he had was being a British spy and of course old habits die hard.

A highly likely scenario 

Therefore it is my theory that Sergey Skripal was not a victim of a conspiracy but that instead he was a willing conspirator. It is my theory that in exchange for money, Skripal agreed to participate in a spectacle where he and his daughter would be given a light dose of an agent which would temporarily reduce their consciousness (e.g. put them to sleep) and then would disappear from all public life for a few months after. In the case of Yulia this would mean staying away from social media for several months even though this part may not have been fully thought through as it later emerged that her VK account was displayed as “on line” at a time when Yulia was allegedly incapacitated.

In exchange for taking the small non-lethal dose of what may have well been little more than a strong sleeping pill, he and his daughter would then be brought to a so-called safe house where they would live in comfort and isolation for several months while UK government ministers, the media and other regimes did their job in sowing a narrative that both Sergey and Yulia were poisoned by people working for the Russian state.

Of course, there is a chance that Yulia was a patsy used and abused by her father for these purposes, but the fact that the younger and “prettier” of the two “victims” is now posing for the camera after having previously complained on her VK account that she’s tired of not being married, would indicate that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and that in exchange for money, VIP status and a new potentially more exciting life, Yulia joined her father in conspiring to create a spectacle to implicate Russia in a false flag attack.

The least absurd of many absurd theories 

At present no one has presented a scintilla evidence of any person or persons being responsible for the alleged poisoning. No one has produced any photographic evidence of the Skripals ever being inside a hospital for the last several months, and nobody has produced any photographic evidence of the Skripals entering or existing a hospital in the last several months. Nor has anyone been able to confirm the origin of the substance sprinkled around the door to Sergey Skripal’s house which temporarily wounded a police officer who rapidly made a full recovery and no independent evidence of the Skripals actually being injured has actually been offered except for the fact that eye-witnesses saw two adults (Sergey and Yulia) passed out on a park bench as though they both had far too much to drink.

The fact that no evidence has been presented to implicate a criminal attacker third party is far weaker than the aggregate evidence that Sergey Skripal had for years worked for Britain as a spy whose job it was to weaken Russia, that he materially profited from doing so and that there is a high likelihood that he and his self-proclaimed bored and listless daughter may have simply done that which Skripal was doing for years before and helped London to do something in return for payment that was designed to make Moscow look wicked.

Clearing the air 

Of course the aforementioned highly likely scenario may not have happened just as in the view of many the theory proffered by the UK government may have never happened in spite of the fact that some in London still believe that the official narrative was “highly likely”. But while the aforementioned theory points to a realistic motive (money), a pattern of behaviour on the part of Sergey Skripal that is consistent with his former line of employment, while also providing a reasonable explanation for the fact that no other hard evidence is available because it is highly likely that such evidence does not exists – by contrast the official theory has far more holes that would have certainly been plugged up with hard evidence by now, if such evidence existed.

Not all Russians are victims 

Because Russia like any and every other country must both react to and fight the wider global info-war, it is not shocking that the Russian Embassy in London is proffering a theory that the Skripals are victims being held by the UK authorities against their will. But the pattern of everything Sergey Skripal has ever done has indicated that he is willing to do the dishonest, the unethical and the absurd for cash and it would now appear that his daughter has highly likely taken up the family business.

While events like Victory Day on the 9th of May give the world a clear insight into the feelings of the millions upon millions of intensely patriotic Russians, like in every other country, there are Russians who are traitors that are all to happy to sell out their country for money. There is nothing unique about this as there are traitors in just about every country in the world, including in closed societies like the DPRK.

During the Great Patriotic War, while over 26 million Soviet citizens gave their lives to fight fascism, Andrey Vlasov decided to betray his country and switched sides. He fought for the fascists as a traitor and after the Soviet victory was executed for his high treason. Compared to Vlasov, Sergey Skripal is a small fish – a tiny and insignificant traitor picking up bits of cash to help conspire against his ethnic homeland.

Thus, he may be more of a small time Vlasov than either a James Bond character let alone an innocent victim.


We live in a day and age where perception management techniques by regimes around the world are becoming ever more stage managed in attempts to combat the inflow of information that the internet and social media has made possible. While this means that false flag attacks are becoming ever more elaborate, it also means that they can also be exposed or at least questioned far more thoroughly than in ages past.

The world may never know what happened to Sergey and Yulia Skripal, but because the UK government itself invented a new burden of proof wherein something being “highly likely” is as valid as something that could otherwise be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, it is my view that the scenario outlined in this piece is the most realistic of the many “highly likely” theories currently on offer.

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