Liberal Western Media Undermines Iraqi Sovereignty by Crying for Daesh

Like neighbouring Syria, Iraqi has been through a living hell in recent years. But while Syria’s hell began in 2011, Iraq’s hell began in the 1990s when after the Gulf War, the country’s ordinary citizens saw their once high living standards plummet due to inhumane sanctions enacted against Baghdad. This was compounded by an illegal US led invasion of the country in 2003. The invasion led to a state of anarchy, which then led to the formation of al-Qaeda in Iraq which later metamorphosed into Daesh (ISIS). While 2018 was the year that Iraq formally declared victory against Daesh, remnants of the terrorist group continue to commit sporadic atrocities while the political situation in Iraq continues to be tenuous after a recent general election.

For Iraqis who have had to live with hell for decades, a hell which has been the reality for so long that many Iraqis never remember a time free from poverty and terrorism in spite of being born in a resource rich nation, the only reasonable form of justice they can receive are the death sentences that Iraqi courts are swiftly handing down to members of Daesh.

While liberal western media outlets have a habit of blaming victims for their own misery whether the victim is a Palestinian teen slaughtered by “Israeli” soldiers or a Filipina woman raped, tortured and killed by a drug user, in feigning compassion for Daesh members, the liberal western media have sunk to a new low.

A recent piece in the notorious Guardian newspaper openly questions the legitimacy of Iraqi courts that have sentenced both male and female – young and old – Iraqi and foreign members of the Daesh terrorist group to death for their crimes.

Such a line of public enquiry is a supreme insult to the sovereign right of Iraqis to literally take their country back from the most vicious, wicked and dangerous terror group in modern history. No country has experienced illegal Daesh occupation for as long and in as geographically wide a space as has Iraq. It is therefore only the Iraqis who are in a position to determine the appropriate sentence for those who have committed the ultimate crime against the Iraqi people. It should therefore surprise no one that the death penalty is the only fitting option for the human scum that saw fit to join an organisation whose only law was violence of the most extreme variety which was rained upon all Iraqis irrespective of their religion, age, sex or vocation.

Iraqis should be applauded for making a clear example of the captured members of Daesh in so far as justice against them is being dealt with in a swift and complete manner. In a country whose infrastructure, particularly in areas in and around Mosul was destroyed through the course of the war against Daesh, there can be no other ethical way of dealing with captured terrorists than by sentencing them to death in short order.

It would be nothing short of a perverse sickness to show any kind of clemency to Daesh members when innocent Iraqis continue to be homeless and in many cases without access to food and clear water. And yet liberal media outlets like the Guardian see fit to question Iraq’s sovereign decision to execute Daesh terrorists after decades of Iraqis having to live with hell, the culmination of which was the appearance of Daesh.

The liberal penchant to blame the victim by siding with captured Daesh members is symptomatic of a neo-colonial mentality that has already led Iraq down a dark path from which only now there are some small glimmers of hope beginning to emerge. This is all the more reason for a post-Daesh Iraq to diversify its geopolitical relationships away from the western powers that destroyed Iraq in two wars, one bout of inhumane sanctions and a terror campaign unleashed by a combination of western complicity and western stupidity.

Iraq has suffered long enough. Now it is time for the terrorists to be eliminated in every sense of the word. To think otherwise would be to take the side of Daesh over their Iraqi victims who have paid the ultimate price for the wicked activities of the neo-imperial regimes who continue to undermine Iraqi sovereignty.

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