“Dead” Russian Journalist in Ukraine is Actually “Alive” According to Kiev Regime and ‘Putin Is To Blame’

Yesterday, the Kiev regime reported that 41 year old Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was killed after being shot in the back in his Kiev apartment. According to yesterday’s official narrative, his wife found Babchenko lying lifeless on the ground, covered in blood.

Today’s official narrative from the regime is that Arkady Babchenko is alive and well having not been shot or been the victim of any altercation. Making things even stranger, it is now being said by the regime that the entire saga was a lie designed to entrap an actual would-be murderer  that was planning to kill Arkady Babchenko on the orders of the Russian government.

In a further bizarre move, it appears that many of the regime officials who yesterday blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering the killing of the journalist had not coordinated their story with other regime officials who now claim that the big lie was perpetuated to ‘throw off’ plans of an actual ‘Putin agent’ assassin. Making matters all the more perplexing, the regime officials who have taken credit for staging the charade claim they were inspired by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Regime media outlets have released the following video purporting to show Babchenko alive and well.

While the entire story is tremendously odd, this is actually in keeping with the outlandish and often comical lies spread by the notoriously dishonest and fantastical Kiev regime.

Another Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky remains imprisoned in Kiev after being kidnapped by regime forces earlier in May.

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