Debunking Fake News that North Koreans Weren’t Told About Results of Singapore Summit with Trump (FULL VIDEO)

Prior to Kim Jong-un’s history making summit in Singapore where he became the first DPRK Supreme Leader to meet a sitting US President, liberal western media organisations stated that the very existence of the summit was unknown to North Koreans. This was entirely false as preparations for the summit were top stories throughout television and print media in the DPRK.

The morning after the summit, leading newspapers throughout the DPRK ran large colour photographs of Kim meeting Trump along with a full report of the content of the declaration signed by both leaders as well as the general contents of the meeting.

But this still did not stop CNN and the BBC from running deeply misleading stories about how the North Korean people were allegedly kept in the dark about the summit’s results. Liberal mainstream media outlets in the US and UK implied that there was some sort of deviousness behind the fact that DPRK broadcasters did not show the live rolling coverage of the summit.



In fact, DPRK television does not show live news broadcasts of major events, but instead prefers to take the time to compile more artistically filmed footage that is put together from the most visually relevant moments of such events. In any case, such footage typically appears within 24 hours of the event in question. This reality in DPRK broadcasting was common practice throughout the world prior to video replacing film as the primary means of news recording, while prior to satellite broadcasts, a delay in video images of major international events was also often delayed. In fact it was only as recently as the 1970s that most of Europe included Britain was able to film major events outside of a studio environment with video as opposed to film – a media which necessarily takes time to develop, while editing on film is also a more cumbersome process than on analogue video (let alone modern digital video). In many other countries, non-studio footage only switched from film to video in the 1980s.

Many take for granted the comparatively recent phenomenon of 24/7 online and televised news footage, but this new style of media has simply not been adopted in the DPRK, just as 24/7 outlets such as CNN were less common throughout Asia even in the 1980s than they are today. In Europe 24/7 broadcast news did not arrive until the very late 1990s and in some cases into the 2000s. Elsewhere adopting this new style of reportage did not develop until later.



Just because the DPRK uses an older technological methodology in the delivery of visual content to its viewers, this does not imply any deviousness in terms of hiding relevant facts. As it happens, DPRK television discussed the meeting while showing video of Kim and Trump less than 24 hours after the initial meeting.

This footage is now beginning to appear on international media outlets as can be viewed below, beginning with the full unedited footage as originally broadcast in the DPRK on 13 June:


Once again, liberal media outlets reveal an incomplete picture of what North Koreans are actually seeing. In reality, they are seeing much of the same news regarding the Singapore Summit as the rest of the world.


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