New Video Footage Shows That Venezuelan President Maduro is Braver Than His Soldiers

Yesterday afternoon, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was giving a speech before a large group of armed soldiers and civilian dignitaries. As Maduro spoke, a audible blast occurred shaking the television cameras while causing many of the armed soldiers lined up in front of Maduro to flee in fear.




While the official broadcast of the speech cut to a video montage of patriotic scenes after the soldiers started running, a newly emerged piece of raw footage demonstrates that even after the blast, President Maduro appeared keen on wanting to finish his speech  and even finished his initial sentence that was interrupted by the blast before being taken away by security personnel.



It was later reported that an amateur quadcopter drone carrying C-4 explosives was responsible for the attempted assassination of the Venezuelan President. The drone however appears to have crashed into a nearby building after exploding in mid air.



An obscure Venezuelan terror group called Flannel Soldiers initially claimed responsibility for the attack although these claims cannot be independently verified. Speaking after being evacuated from the attempted assassination location in central Caracas, President Maduro blamed the attempted assassination on the government of Colombia as well as the domestic far right.



While there is still much confusion regarding who was actually behind the attack, what is clear is that while Maduro bravely stood his ground many of his armed soldiers decided to run. This presents serious questions regarding the state of the Venezuelan military.



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