Julian Assange and Antonio Trillanes: A Political Prisoner And a Fugitive From Justice

Julian Assange is the most globally famous political prisoner of the 21st century. He has been trapped in Ecuador’s London Embassy since August of 2012 and earlier this year had all of his communications with the outside world cut off as part of an agreement between the new Ecuadorian administration and Assange’s western persecutors. Meanwhile, medical professionals who have visited Assange in the Embassy have stated that his physical and mental health are rapidly deteriorating and that his life is in danger unless he is allowed to safely receive full medical attention.

Julian Assange’s only “crime” was exposing the war criminality of major western regimes including that of the United States under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Additionally, Assange is known for publishing materials on government corruption, dishonesty and systematic fraud throughout the world but primarily in the US and Europe. Assange was initially sought by police and prosecutors for rape allegations relating to a deeply controversial piece of Swedish legislation which defines rape as that which would otherwise be a legal act in most other nations including Assange’s native Australia, his last place of residence in Britain or the United States for that matter. Ultimately, Swedish prosecutors dropped the case against Assange but the Wikileaks founder is still not a free man as British authorities seek his arrest on a minor issue of skipping out on his bail while the wider worry is that London would rapidly turn Assange over to the US where many prominent politicians including Hillary Clinton have called for his execution.

Assange is stuck in a tiny room at an Ecuadorian embassy in London because he dared to tell the truth about what powerful western regimes do with their armed forces abroad and how they lie to the people at home about both foreign and domestic matters. While Asssange has numerous supporters throughout the world, in western mainstream media, his supporters are few and far between.

By contrast, western mainstream liberal media outlets are portraying Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes’s attempt to evade justice as some sort of heroic crusade. The manifest differences between Assange and Trillanes could not be more profound. Assange has never fired a shot in anger but instead used the power of the information age to give whistle-blowers a platform where they could reveal the dastardly deeds commitment by systematically dishonest governments in times of both peace and war.

Trillanes is most famous for staging a lawless coup against the legitimate President of The Philippines in 2003, while Trillanes laid siege to the Peninsula Hotel in Manila in 2007 in a further attempt to bring down the government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. As I previously wrote, in any other country on earth, Trillanes would still been in prison for his anti-national and criminal activities. Yet in The Philippines, a political ally of the mutinous Senator, former President Noynoy Aquino granted the criminal amnesty, after which he emerged from his cage.

However, it was not the former President who technically issued the amnesty but instead the amnesty was a member of his cabinet. As President Duterte explained in a recent televised conservation with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, only the President him or herself can grant amnesty to a criminal. No one else including high ranking cabinet members can issue such a legal relief.

Because of this, police seek the re-arrest of Trillanes who has hid himself in the Senate building and has stated that he is planning on remaining there for the foreseeable future unless matters surrounding his attempted arrest change. Yet while Trillanes is evading justice stemming from two acts of supreme criminality against The Philippines, he is lionised as a hero by liberal media throughout the world. Yet it is Julian Assange who sacrificed everything to tell the world the truth and his plight is being either ignored or scoffed at by these same liberal forces. It is therefore intriguing that both men seem to be stuck behind closed doors, Trillanes because he is running from justice and Assange because justice has abandoned him to his jailers.

Clearly, those of a liberal milieu who claim to champion justice in actual fact understand little about justice and even less about life.

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