Swedish Police Inflict Supreme Brutality on Elderly Chinese Tourists

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has advised its citizens to exercise caution after Swedish police inflicted sustained brutality upon a Chinese family of tourists by the name of Zeng who travelled to a hotel in Stockholm on the 2nd of September. China’s Global Times reports the following based on the testimony Zeng provided to Chinese officials:

“According to one of the victims, surnamed Zeng, he and his parents traveled to Stockholm, Sweden in the early morning of Sept. 2. The room they had booked was not available for check-in until later in the daytime. Considering the health of his parents, Zeng asked the hotel staff if he could pay a fee, so that his parents could rest on some chairs in the lobby. 

Zeng said the hotel staff reacted rudely and told them to leave or they would call the police.

According to Zeng, after the police arrived, he showed them his parents’ prescription medication and asked if they could stay at the hotel to rest and that he would leave. He said the police ignored his request and forcibly dragged his father out of the hotel and threw him to the ground.

Zeng said that his father, who suffers from cardiovascular disease, almost lost consciousness and started to twitch. The police offered no humanitarian assistance during the emergency, Zeng said.

According to Zeng, after he called for help, more people started to gather. They said it was wrong for the police to poorly treat the elderly and urged the police to offer help to Zeng’s father. 

Zeng said that soon, more police officers with guns arrived in two cars. They started to disperse the crowed and tried to snatch the cell phone from Zeng. Later, Zeng and his family were taken away in a police car. While they were in the police car, the police also allegedly beat Zeng’s parents.

After being loaded into the police car, Zeng said the police officers asked if they were refugees and if they meant to use violence. Zeng said the police threatened to abandon them in the woods to stay with the animals.

After about an hour of driving, Zeng said the police stopped the car and ejected them from the vehicle at a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Zeng said the temperature was lower than 10 degrees Celsius, so he and his parents huddled together for warmth in the dark as they heard the sounds of animals. Fortunately, someone who was passing by gave them a ride back to Stockholm after they stayed in the graveyard for half an hour.

Zeng informed the Chinese embassy of the incident, and reported it to the local police as well after getting back into Stockholm. Zeng said he and his family consider the ordeal a “nightmare” and decided to leave the country immediately, citing his anger in what the police did to his elderly parents.

‘I could not imagine this happening in any modern country, especially Sweden, the hometown of the Nobel Prize,’ Zeng said. ‘It is so sarcastic that they talk about human rights all the time”.

This shocking treatment raises questions of grave concern regarding both the status of modern Swedish society and the security of Chinese civilians in Europe. Sweden has recently been rocked by multiple crime waves caused both by the overwhelming inflow of aliens as well as an increased socio-political discontent among the indigenous population. A recent general election saw an increase in the votes and parliamentary seats of the Sweden Democrats, a right wing party that has made gains due to its opposition to illegal migration.

Yet for a country on the brink of wholesale social instability due to policies of its own making, it is utterly shocking that a Chinese man asking that his elderly and ailing parents be sat in a warm lobby should be subject to such extreme force that is rarely reserved for armed and dangerous street hooligans and gangsters who rule the roost in much of Sweden’s once peaceful town and city centres.

Moreover, while the increased frequency of Chinese taking holidays abroad is a necessarily positive development in respect of the local economies visited by Chinese tourists, western social media is filled with black propaganda regarding the allegedly poor behaviour of Chinese tourists abroad.

The basis of the black propaganda derives from a relatively recent time when Chinese citizens not accustomed to foreign travel or non-Chinese urban environments would accidentally quarrel with locals whose customs were bemusing to Chinese tourists. As a result, Beijing has implemented a protocol through which the social behaviour of citizens is measured at home. Based on the aggregate calculations of an individual’s social behaviour score, one can have his or her ability to travel for pleasure abroad limited as part of an effort to promote social harmony among Chinese and the nations visited by Chinese tourists.

But while China has implemented a clear strategy to help its nationals learn proper tourist etiquette in a variety of foreign situations, countries like Sweden have clearly been derelict in their duty to be good hosts. Instead, the vicious and self-evidently racist attack on the Zeng family means that Europe must take its duties to look out for the safety and security of tourists far more seriously.

The increased importance of good economic and security relations with China should not merely be limited to transactional interactions. Instead, a more thorough understanding of China’s importance to the world should include an atmosphere where the increased number of Chinese travelling abroad can be treated with the dignity that ought to be afforded to all peaceful visitors to any nation.

While the world awaits an explanation and apology from Stockholm for the heinous and brutal abuse of the Zeng family, one can only wonder if once placid streets of northern Europe are now a permanent no-go area for those who value peace over violence, mayhem and gangsterism.

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