Deathbed Geopolitics From Adam Garrie

Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie is currently suffering from a severe illness. While his present condition prohibits him from writing a fill article, here are some of his thoughts on recent events.

1. Death over Syria

All three directly involved parties have come out weaker. Israel’s recklessness has possibly cost Tel Aviv a measure of trust in its partner while Syria’s arrogance in the face of a tragedy partly caused by irresponsible Syrian actions has not been lost among certain close observers to the situation. Russia of course is anything but a winner as 15 of its men have been martyred.

Turkey however is a clear winner. While foolish actions in Latakia have forced Russia to work doubly hard to rebalance its policies in respect of both Israel and Syria, President Erdogan’s Idlib plan continues with universal support. All the while Turkey has remained totally outside the squabbles over finger pointing in Latakia. This enhances Turkey’s prestige while making Syria and Israel both look irresponsible, at least in the short term.


2. Trump understands more about Sino-Russian relations than fossilized Russians 

With China being officially sanctioned by the US over its military partnership with Russia, it would be foolish to deny let alone underrate the importance of the Sino-Russian partnership in the 21st century.

While previously Sino-Russian sanctions and anti-Chinese tariffs overlapped, now they are officially linked. China and Russia must be inspired to enhance their economic partnerships as a result.

Time for the older generation of Russians to dump their Indian dreams and get real about China.

3. Trillanes arrested

Adam Garrie says: “see you in hell”

4. First day at UN

While Trump talked nonsense on China, Iran and trade in general he made great points about the ICC. Those who laughed at him are as much the reason why the UN is dysfunctional as are US policy makers themselves who increasingly want little to do with the UN. Only the idiot laughs from a position of weakness.

5. Parade terrorism in Iran

It was likely organised in North America or Europe but the groundwork and the perpetrators likey came from Basra. Al-Sadr almost certainly has a hand in the atrocity.

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