Mocha Uson’s Career is Only Beginning

Twenty-four hours after Mocha Uson resigned from her position at the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), the yellow media is already projecting a mountain of contempt directed at the young woman who shot to fame as an online activist and commentator. While Mocha’s energetic presentation has led her to say some things that perhaps were best left unsaid, her enthusiasm, devotion and love of her country ought to trump any reservations about supporting her online presence which is now a major source of positive information dissemination in The Philippines.

Furthermore, while Mocha’s opponents tend to be those arguing in favour of the old men and women of the Liberal Party who refuse to modernise their mentality towards politics, Mocha herself represents a new wave of opinion making in The Philippines which is bold, energetic, unwavering and available 24/7 via social media. To put it bluntly, people like Mocha are the future and the majority of her detractors represent the past.

Thus, Mocha’s resignation from the PCOO does not represent any kind of brick wall let alone brakes being put on her career. In reality, by detaching herself from an official position, she will be allowed to be even more frank and open in her views as now they cannot be misconstrued as being representative of anything other than her personal positions.

Among Mocha’s most important positions of advocacy has been for federal reforms to strengthen the power of regions of The Philippines in respect of benefiting from their own resources rather than continuing the decades long cycle of Imperial Manila siphoning the wealth out of the rest of the country. As such, Mocha has also devoted substantial time to discussing the benefits of a parliamentary-federal democracy to replace the shambolic congressional system wherein deadlock is a permanent feature. This year saw Mocha interview federal-parliamentary campaign Orion Perez in an extensive discussion about the benefits of a parliamentary system. The fact she gave Perez such a wide platform is proof positive of her ability to reach out to important voices shaping the intellectual political debate and giving them the stage they deserve.

With this in mind, Mocha could help to promote crucial constitutional reforms both from her all-weather position as an online personality and possibly as an elected politician whether in the House of Representatives or the current Senate. Until federal-parliamentary reforms are made, thus ensuring a new kind of politics, as many young, forward thinking and modern voices as possible will need to be heard both in the media and in the confines of the current legislative chambers in order to press for incredibly necessary reforms to the political system.

While the old guard want to retain a system from which they have materially benefited greatly, it is up to the new generations to ensure that the country as a whole is able to hear the wider debate about fundamental reforms to the political system that have the power to economically and socially elevate the condition of The Philippines for generations to come.

This is why it is crucial for Mocha and her supporters not to get bogged down in trying to answer or even refute every outrageous claim made by their yellow opponents, not least because the absurdity of most of these claims does not even merit a serious response.  Instead, concrete action steps should be taken to transform what ought to be called the Mocha Uson movement into a wide ranging platform to demand and help implement much needed constitutional change.

Because of this, Mocha’s presence outside of the presidential administration is in many ways more important than her former role serving the President. As one of President Duterte’s most visible supporters, Mocha commands attention throughout the country and has already succeeded in changing multiple minds on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

It is with this in mind that Mocha’s millions of followers should move forward with confidence. In the battle for ideas, Mocha’s voice is among the most important in Philippine politics. If anything, her resignation makes the clarity of her voice even stronger.

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