Inexplicable Tragedy Strikes Kerch as School Attacker Goes on Brutal Rampage

Mass casualties have been reported at Kerch Polytechnic College in southern Russia after a lone attacker went on a killing spree. Authorities were alerted when locals reported a large explosion at the school. Police investigators later located the remnants of the bomb. The attacker, named as 18 year old Vladislav Roslyakov, then proceeded to gun down his fellow students in what was the worst attack on a Russian school since jihadist terrorists attacked a primary school in Beslan in 2004.

Thus far, there are 19 reported deaths while over fifty have been wounded, many of them seriously. The most seriously wounded have been airlifted to hospitals in nearby cities. Yesterday’s announcement that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may attend an economic forum in Crimea in the coming months led many to believe that the atrocity was related to a jihadist attack, while persistent Kiev regime calls for terrorist attacks on Russia also made a regime sponsored act of terrorism highly suspect.

As further information came it, it appears that the incident is one of domestic terrorism in the form of a school shooting and bombing from a self-evidently psychopathic student who later committed suicide. Images later emerged online purporting to show the attacker carrying a gun through the corridors of the school. He appeared to be a very young looking, skinny blond male who acted as a lone wolf terrorist.

It is not yet clear what motive the killer had for committing his act of supreme terror but based on preliminary reports from the scene, his motive would appear to be personal rather than one tied into the ideology of any particular terror organisation of terrorist sponsoring regime.

Hours later, students at the school revealed that the attacker harboured an intense hatred against his teachers while he had an unhealthy obsession with serial killers and American school shooters.

Eurasia Future sends our deepest condolences to the innocent souls who died in this supreme act of monstrous wickedness.

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