Adam Garrie’s Letter to Justin Trudeau Regarding Meng Wanzhou

The following text was sent by email to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie via the Prime Minister’s public email address (

Dear Prime Minister,

I write to you first and foremost from one human being to another, but more specifically from one concerned citizen to the Prime Minister of Canada. In 1944, Canada was among the nations whose brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to inflict a final blow against the fascist menace that had enslaved so much of the world. This was a proud moment for Canada and for her allies which were as diverse as the Soviet Union, the Free French, China and Canada’s fraternal partners from the Commonwealth and the neighbouring United States.

Since 1945, Canada has gained a reputation as a nation that is the kinder, gentler and less capricious cousin of the superpower that is the United States. At a time when US politics has become move divisive than ever, such a moderating influence as a friendly neighbour seems to be more important than ever.

Perhaps it is because of these national characterises that have come to define Canada that I was particularly shocked when Canadian authorities physically apprehended Meng Wanzhou and placed her under arrest as if she were a common criminal.

Prime Minister, Meng Wanzhou is an innocent woman, she is a talented woman, an influential woman and she should be a free woman. And yet because of US pressure regarding a sanctions policy that your government was not even a part of, Meng is now a woman in chains in a Canadian prison facility.

Your government frequently talks about human rights, about the rights of women, about the rights of peoplekind as a whole, to borrow a phrase you rather famously coined. And while you have stated that Canada’s judiciary is independent, now that Meng’s homeland of China has demanded her release, now is also the time for you as Canada’s political leader to intervene and put an end to this tragic, worrying and entirely unnecessary development.

The fact remains that in a nation that prides itself on the support of human rights, human dignity, the rule of law, justice and decency, an innocent woman has been imprisoned for purely political reasons. Such an incident ought to bring shame to the decent and fair minded Canadians that I have come to know over the years. I have no doubt that it already has elicited such emotions among your countrymen and women.

Prime Minister, is this the Canada about which you spoke with optimism when you first formed your government? Is Canada really a nation that is to be known as a place where one’s arrival as a law abiding businessperson can end in one’s politically motivated arrest and imprisonment?

Whatever our views are on the wider world, I would have wanted and hoped Canada to be better than this. If Meng Wanzhou was a Canadian as indeed many men and women of Chinese ancestry are, I would hope that you would be the first to stand up for her human rights were she to be imprisoned on purely politicised charges in one foreign land whose authorities appear to be the underlings of those in another foreign land.

And yet the fact remains that Meng Wanzhou is a Chinese citizen in a Canadian prison while she has committed no crime. Her arrest is not just an embarrassment, it is in fact a dangerous development and could potentially harm Canada itself as other international businesspeople may well hesitate before travelling to your nation to conduct commerce because they fear the prospect of arbitrary arrest in spite of committing no crime and doing no harm to anyone. Is this really the kind of self-harming and unethical precedent you want to set?

It cannot be denied that a grievous violation of one woman’s human rights has taken place and that in spite of its origin deriving from the United States, the event itself took place on Canadian soil.

Prime Minister, it remains within your power – it remains within your jurisdiction for you to right this wrong, for you to do the moral thing, the decent thing, the ethical thing and the right thing. Meng Wanzhou must be granted her full freedom. This is all I ask and I know full well that I speak for many people in all parts of the world, including in your nation of Canada.


Adam Garrie.

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