Jamal Khashoggi And Meng Wanzhou: Comparing and Contrasting Reactions

While the murder of Jamal Khashoggi on the 2nd of October has made and in many cases continues to make international headlines, it is clear that the issue matters most to Turkey. Because the Saudi masterminds of Khashoggi’s death choose their consulate in Istanbul as the site on which to carry out the murder, it is clear enough that those in Riyadh and beyond who orchestrated the murder did not think twice, as it could have easily been foreseen that Turkey would offer a robust defence of its national dignity as well as the personal dignity of Jamal Khashoggi after such a heinous event took place within Turkey.

As such, Turkey’s government and law enforcement have decided to conduct a thorough investigation where information is “drip feed” to the public sphere in a manner that serves two important purposes. First of all, by offering the world information on the murder investigation in an incremental fashion, it gives the guilty parties a window of time in which they could decide to confess and apologise for their wrongdoing before the situation escalates. The second reason is that it helps the issue to stay relevant in the minds of international observers who are bombarded by a myriad of news items from throughout the world. Thus, Turkey has decided to keep both those concerned about justice for Jamal Khashoggi and those concerned about covering their own tracks regarding the murder on their toes at all times.

While the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi crime committed in Istanbul, the kidnapping and political imprisonment of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is an America crime committed in Canada with Canadian forces acting as an open accomplice to the crime. While China has protested this crime against one of its citizens, it was only on the 8th of December (Meng was kidnapped on the 1st) that China summoned Canada’s Ambassador in Beijing to lodge a formal complaint regarding the necessity of Meng being immediately freed without prejudice.

Describing Meng’s political imprisonment as “unreasonable, unconscionable, and vile in nature”, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned Canada of “grave consequences” if Meng is not freed.

In many ways, China’s gradual approach to increasing the pressure on the guilty parties in respect of Meng, mirrors Turkey’s approach of gradually revealing more of the facts surrounding the murder and physical mutilation of Jamal  Khashoggi. In both Ankara and Beijing, the leadership has given the guilty parties more than enough time to atone and confess in the case of Khashoggi and to amend their grave mistake in the case of Meng.

In both cases, the similar approach taken in respect of exposing acts of grave injustice taken by Turkey and China respectively, actually helps the wider world to ascertain the mentality of the Saudi and Canadian elite and if anything, the Canadians have been even more worryingly dismissive regarding China than the Saudis have been regarding Turkey. Likewise, the corporate media of the west has been devious effective in trying to silence Meng’s plight while because Jamal Khashoggi worked for the Washington Post, the pro-Saudi elements in the US media could not as easily ignored Turkey’s quest for justice.

In both cases, a grave crime has been committed that was totally unnecessary and absolutely fiendish in its origin. Yet by maintaining their respective courses on the high road, both China and Turkey will gradually expose the weakness of the criminal elements in Riyadh and Ottawa for the world to see –  all the while working privately to secure justice for the victims of heinous acts of gangsterism.

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