Dr. Strangetrump or How John Bolton Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Communists

Members of the Trump administration are well known for their harsh criticisms of the far-left governments in Venezuela and Cuba. But while the Trump administration falls solidly within the lingering post-Cold War anti-communist atmosphere that continues to linger in Washington in spite of the fact that there are very few 20th century style communist states left on earth, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton has found two extremely odd communist terror groups that he is so fond of, he has taken one such group’s side over that of a powerful NATO ally.

These groups are of course the currently Albania based MEK which seeks to bring a cult like variety of Islamo-Communism to Iran while the other is the YPG/PKK, a group which advocates for the kinds of collectivist, pseudo-anarco ultra-feminist Marxism that would make most Trump supporters shudder with contempt.

While Donald Trump’s proposed troop withdrawal from Syria was announced shortly after he held a phone conversation with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and has been understood to be part of a wider deal to replace pro-YPG/PKK US troops with aniti-YPG/PKK Turkish troops, it appears that John Bolton’s love affair with the YPG/PKK continues, even though the US has exposed the group for selling oil in US occupied zones of eastern Syria to both Tehran and Damascus – two governments that Bolton has deeply negative feelings towards.

What’s more is that while the idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, has long been a rule rather than an exception in decades of flawed US foreign policy, by siding so openly with the YPG/PKK, Bolton is painting a rather astonishing picture that by the logic of the belief that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – Turkey is now considered an enemy of the United States in the mind of John Bolton. While Bolton has not specifically stated that he considers Turkey an enemy of America (Turkey is in fact the member of NATO with the second largest armed forces after that of the US) – by calming that the US will not withdraw unless the members of the YPG/PKK terror group are protected from Turkish justice, he is overtly taking the side of a communist terror group that practices one of the most ultra-leftist versions of Marxism on earth and one which moreover threatens the peace and security of Turkey and many other nations in the region.

From a purely ideological point of view, is somewhat shocking that since taking office, the Donald Trump led United States had actually increased its battle field relationship with the YPG/PKK over that which was provided by Barack Obama, the US leader under which Turkey-US relations plummeted. In spite of the fact that YPG/PKK members on both sides of the border commit atrocities against civilians including a rocket attack on a Turkish mosque and while their cells and supporters commit attacks on mosques frequented by Turks in Europe, it was only in late 2018 when Donald Trump first exposed some reservations about Washington’s support for the terror group. Now, it appears that John Bolton is trying to walk-back on Trump’s criticism of the group, thus leading one to question just who is actually in charge of US policies in the region.

It helps to remember that the US government has in recent years funded far-left American anarchists, Trotskyists and like minded individuals to go to Syria and fight alongside the YPG/PKK in a move which represents a clear threat to the safety of the region and the territorial integrity of both Turkey and Syria. This gang of US funded marauders even made a technically polished propaganda video, apparently on Syrian soil where someone who sounds like an American adolescent chants battle cries in the name of the YPG/PKK while showing off deadly weapons. The only difference between this video and a Daesh propaganda video is the manner of speech and the slogans.

When one further realises that the group of young, violent far-left Americans also carry with the the symbols of the ANTIFA group, an organisation that many Trump supporters consider to be terrorists, it is not clear why the right-wing John Bolton is so deeply in bed with groups whose ideology contradicts that of Bolton’s own statements about communism as well as the feelings of most US supporters of Donald Trump.

What is clear is that the White House is confused about its own ideology and more importantly about who its friends are. It beggars belief that John Bolton continues to support the YPG/PKK rather than America’s NATO ally Turkey, a country that Donald Trump is apparently working to re-engage in a positive manner after a very different period in Turkey-US relations. But in so openly and so brazenly siding with the YPG/PKK, John Bolton is making a mockery not only of the beliefs he claims to hold but he is making light of Turkey’s legitimate security concerns as well as the concerns of ordinary Syrians who have suffered greatly under YPG/PKK rule.

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