Oligarch City: a Poem

I don’t want to live in poverty
But I’m deathly afraid of equality
Deng Xiaoping just makes no sense to me 
So here I am living in oligarch city.

No trade, no currency, no common sense
It’s one big black market so just jump the fence
Deface your heritage debase your name
In Oligarch City its just a dirty game.

The players are savages and the good men have died
It’s been that way since the 9th of May, 1945
Now a pack of smokes and a denim skirt
Is more than what your life is worth.

We carry a cross that’s covered in gold
The propaganda isn’t exactly what we were told.
We want to be second class Americans
But under the coats of fur we’ve got thin skin.

Ronnie Reagan wanted our market to be free
But I’m telling you this just cannot be
All that’s here is piracy
Down in Oligarch City.

If you want to know how the game is played
Just stand right where the flag’s displayed
It used to be red but now it’s white
We surrendered our honour over night.

The wealth is maddening but we were already mad
We could have been honest but we went for the grab
We were all too greedy to ever see
The shithole that is still Oligarch City.

Every now and then we still pretend
That we care for our lost homeland
But we know deep down that we do not care
In Oligarch City the lights are on but there’s no one there.

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