Adam Garrie’s Letter to President Rodrigo Duterte

The following letter has been emailed to the office of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte whilst a similar one has been sent to the appropriate Embassy of The Republic of The Philippines.

Dear President Duterte,

May I first congratulate you on your numerous achievements since taking office in 2016. Throughout your period as President, I have closely followed your successes in The Philippines and abroad. As such, I find you not only to be an inspiration but a guiding light of reason, sincerity and dedication in a world that at times appears to be turning away from each of these virtues.

My purpose for writing this letter is to alert you and your colleagues to a campaign of defamation against me being waged by a Philippine based entity, Rappler. I am aware of current investigations into Rappler’s practices and as such, I believe that the government of The Republic of The Philippines should also be aware of what Rappler has done to me as a result of my open support of and admiration for your Presidency.

Below is a link to an article I have authored refuting the outrageous lies told about me by Rappler.

Here you will see that Rappler is attempting to use black propaganda to try and challenge the reputation of your ordinary supporters. I have asked Rappler to retract its vicious lies about me, to apologise and to donate the equivalent of 50USD to a Philippine charity of my choosing.

If my requests are met, I will not take further legal action against Rappler. However, even if Rappler decides to apologise and retract its defamatory statement, I still believe it prudent for the relevant Philippine authorities to investigate how an entity operating in The Philippines can so recklessly lie in order to advance their well known agenda.

I close in wishing you and your people prosperity, health and happiness.

Most graciously,

Adam Garrie

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