Kashmir: a Poem

In 1947 the winds of change did blow
But they blew right over me
I am here – a slave to my captors
Because Kashmir is not free.

I raised my voice, I raised my aim
My flag was shot down all the same
The UN handed a broken promise to me
And still Kashmir is not free.

What does it take to tell a world
Whose journalists cannot see
That life cannot be as it should be
Until Kashmir is fully free.

I am not a terrorist nor militant
I wait for justice not what is expedient
My land is not for others to proclaim on behalf of me
I only want Kashmir to be free.

South Africa rid itself of the Apartheid regime
And in Palestine BDS is working or so it seems
But here even peace lovers ignore the wounds on me
Because they do not care whether or not Kashmir is free.

Allah is the guiding force
But from our brethren we’ve been issued a blood-soaked divorce
It seems difficult in the 21st century to conceive
That Kashmir could be anything but free.

We need no sign nor rubber stamp
To carve our freedom upon our map
This was our land before a 1947 British decree
That said Kashmir cannot be free.

Self determination is the right
But captivity has so far been our plight
For those who claim peace is the only solution there can be
Raise your voice for Kashmir to be free.

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