Regime Change of Your Mind: a Tribute to Michel Legrand

The price of Brent Crude is in spirals like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending production surplus that makes the share holders sequel
The asset bubble is a snowball falling down a Japanese hill
Like a waitress in Havana who just won’t bring out your meal
Just a cloistered ticking time bomb when they say they’ll go for gold
The doomsday clock is close to midnight and so is your portfolio
Down a sunlit Libyan airfield whose coordinates only your top generals hold
Like Saddam going on Euros on the balance sheets of time
Or the ripples of Chinese dim sum bonds someone buys in old Hong Kong
Like the war powers act you find in the regime change of your mind.

Keys to the Federal Reserve still jingle in a pocket full of cash
Why did Greenspan inflate so quickly – was it something that Bush said
Lovers walking on 9/11 when the shore was filled with flame
Like the freedom that you had and now for slavery you are glad.

No gold standard for the spendthrift no sound money for the fools
We bet on a stranger’s speculation and then broke our home made rules
When you knew that it was over you were not content to pay
But in March you’ll shock and awe yourself way down old Baghdad way
Like the oil price in circles when solvency you never find
You can’t have Africa get richer in the regime change of your mind.

Venezuela needs democracy like the lilacs need a bee
So you hand sovereignty over to some guy down there in the street
His voice trembles with anticipation with every word John Bolton speaks
And Brent Crude is getting higher so maybe production shall increase
Like the freedom that you find in the regime change of your mind.

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