The Pearl of the Orient Seas (A Hymn for Manila Bay)

Behold! There is Hope!
When you think the world is upside down
And no one really cares for the planet —
Today is a wonderful time to celebrate!

Manila Bay, Manila Bay, it’s your time to shine!
For endless days and nights —
Your heart was torn into pieces,
We thought you would never ever survive.

But yes, you are once again being adored!
Your incomparable beauty, glory,
Defines the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
Let your waves become an image of the emblem.

As the sun embraces you like his own muse
Let history know who you really are.
Tomorrow when the next generation comes
The children will set their foot to a glorious land.

When the sunrise comes
There is hope for the Motherland.
And when the sunset arrives
Your beauty gives joy to our hearts.

Manila Bay, Manila Bay,
May your beauty last forever!
Manila Bay, Manila Bay,
Let all Filipinos remember!

(Photo: credit to Kix Ribleza. Used with his permission)

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