Fraternal Spring Festival Greetings From Adam Garrie

Dear readers,

I would like to wish you a joyous and prosperous beginning of the Spring Festival. This years’s Spring Festival coincides closely with the virgin year of Eurasia Future’s operations. Because of this, the Year of The Pig is all the more profound an occasion.

This past year witnessed new global challenges including the US retreat behind the walls of protectionism, instability in emerging markets and political troubles in Europe. But in spite of this, Asia has remained at the forefront of a new model of peace through prosperity. This has led to a golden era in ASEAN-China relations which is made all the more impactful given that millions throughout ASEAN will be celebrating along with their friends in China. Likewise, the strength that CPEC offers in respect of south-south cooperation and a wider drive to create harmonious relations across Asia, has served as an inspiration for millions. These developments are symptomatic of a wider trend in harmonious relations from the Pacific shores of east Asia to Africa’s Atlantic coast and beyond.

Just as people across the seas and lands can celebrate in unity whilst maintaining their unique cultural characteristics, so too can people, businesses and governments across national frontiers cooperate throughout the year to achieve shared goals based on specific solutions to unique challenges.

As most of the challenges in the world today are the product of human failure, it is the power of human creativity, hard work and people-centred solutions that can help to overcome these challenges and usher in the beginning of a new era guided by the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of others, economic openness and cooperation at both a bilateral and multilateral level and finally, by using the power of technology to enrich the educational, cultural and practical human experience for all to enjoy.

Stability across multiple societies offers the world a chance to lay the foundations for prosperity which in turn brings peace and offers the best chance for human enlightenment. While some give into the temptation of avarice and the zero-sum mentality that greed produces, if peace is to remain the noblest goal of humankind, this means that win-win solutions at both a personal, local, national and international level are the only goals for which peace lovers should strive.

May this year be one of peace, prosperity, stability and determination. Through hard work and ceaseless efforts on the part of a world seeking to attain positive goals, the age of hostility and competition can give way to an age of dignity in which we can all sail in our own ships upon a placid sea.

May the belts and roads of destiny converge in a harmonious fashion throughout this year.


Adam Garrie

Director at Eurasia Future


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