When Rappler Lied

When Rappler decided to tell lies about me
Was that a sign that the press was free?
Did they celebrate when the punished the words
That contained false allegations most absurd?

Did they realise they were endangering my life
At the hands of gangsters with poisons, guns and knives?
Did they ever seek some to quietly atone
For the lies they examined, published and owned?

When Mr. Keng’s good name was dragged through the dirt
Did they expect him to conceal his hurt?
Although CJ Corona is no longer here
Is not his reputation’s valour crystal clear?

And what about those who take up Rappler’s cause
Who ignore or spit on the great Julian Assange?
Wikileaks exposed the truthful horror of war
But Ressa is the one the liberals adore.

I had no intention to be the enemy
Of people I assumed never heard of me
But when they attacked this humble man
A quest for justice I began.

I support the freedom of the press
But Rappler doesn’t support mine.
I also support the Philippine justice system
In its duty to punish every sort of crime.

When I was lied about on Rappler’s cyber-pages
CNN wasn’t convulsing in fits of rages
But When Ressa is jailed and later bailed
They ignore the facts that her charges entailed.

This isn’t about the DDS
It’s about a law for whose support Noynoy once expressed
But when it is enforced with equality
They say that the press somehow is not free.

Ressa got a long free ride
When someone challenged her, she’d always hide,
But when she decided to lie about me
I demanded justice and equity.

Rappler isn’t about freedom of speech
It’s about putting the debate out of reach
Of ordinary people who support PRRD
Because that’s not what Rappler thinks freedom ought to be.

But the numbers cannot lie
Duterte’s approval rating is sky high
And somehow Yellows wonder why
The people no longer believe their lies.

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