Ressa’s American Citizenship Isn’t a Problem – But Her Hypocrisy is an Enormous Problem

In politics, it is fashionable to accuse an opponent with duel citizenship of having mixed loyalties and whilst this is certainly true in some cases, in other cases, having multiple nationalities can broaden one’s political horizons. In the best of all possible circumstances, someone with more than one nationality who decides to enter politics, can bring the best of his or her experiences in a foreign land to the place in which one has political aspirations. For example, it is entirely foreseeable that a duel Filipino-Singaporean citizen could bring to Philippine politics, direct experiences with a parliamentary system of governance and pro-FDI economy, that could inject new life into the political and economic condition of The Philippines.

One could further imagine a Filipino-American seeking to participate in Philippine politics, bringing to the table, years of experience regarding federal governance and an economic environment that has traditionally encouraged innovation and entrepreneurialism. But Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is not one such Filipino-American.

Unfortunately for both the United States and The Philippines, Maria Ressa exhibits the worst characteristics of some Filipinos combined with the worst traits of some Americans. From her “bad Filipino side”, she has brought pessimism, pettiness, obscurantism and a colonial mentality into her political diatribes. From her “bad American side” she has brought the cloak and dagger/smoke and mirrors Hollywood style of fiction that is perversely presented as “facts” – “facts” which just so happen to correspond to the liberal ‘deep state’ agenda of America’s most venal, wicked, avaricious and neo-imperialist politicians.

This is why veteran journalist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao has described Ressa in the following way, in a piece which revealed to the wider world, the fact that she had for decades been supine about her American citizenship:

“No wonder Ressa has no qualms about lying to the world that the Philippine president is a dictator and is attacking the press. She just isn’t a Filipino, in the deeper meaning of the term”.

In a piece from the 9th of February, about how the Rappler mentality has borrowed from the playbook of Nazi Germany, I said the following:

“In 1934, Germany’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels stated:

‘The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing’.

Ironically, Goebbels’s statement which was intended to expose the propaganda techniques of Germany’s enemies during the First World War, actually indicated a method that Berlin would readily invoke against both domestic and foreign opponents in the run up to the Second World War”.

When I wrote the piece comparing the Rappler style of projecting onto its perceived political opponents, its own vices and flaws, I was unaware that Maria Ressa held any other passport than one from The Republic of The Philippines. But thanks to Mr. Tiglao’s truthful journalism, Rappler’s relationship to the propaganda of the Hitler Reich becomes all the more apparent.

Whilst Rappler’s CEO is herself a duel national who only received Philippine citizenship as recently as 2004, her organisation is facing libel charges for incendiary and damaging statements she wrote about Wilfredo Keng, a man who happens to himself be a naturalised citizen of The Philippines. But the hypocrisy does not end there. Rappler’s articles are filled with vitriol against President Rodrigo Duterte’s warm relations with China and other Asian powers. Finally, Rappler had the unmitigated audacity to publish seriously defamatory lies which attempted to link me personally (a non-Filipino) to a third foreign regime with which I have never had any professional relationships in any way.

This is the crux of the problem: Rappler attacks naturalised Philippine citizens who actually work to make The Philippines a better place, foreign nations with whom President Duterte has built good relations and non-Filipinos who genuinely care for the Filipino people. But whilst all of this was happening, Rappler’s CEO had concealed the fact that she herself was a US national, long before she became a citizen of The Philippines. In other words, Maria Ressa is far more “foreign” than many of those that Rappler viciously and barbarously attacks on a regular basis. Yet whilst others do not hide their own origins, as Rigoberto Tiglao has just exposed, Ressa and her ideological comrades have done much to conceal her origins.

Therefore, when it comes to accusing others of that which you are guilty, Rappler well and truly conforms to this model of Joseph Goebbels style disinformation,  even more readily than one could have imagined.

Again, there is nothing wrong with being a duel national and nothing wrong with being a Filipino-American. The problem with Ressa is not only her duplicity but Rappler’s penchant for attacking those who are partly or entirely not of Filipino origin, but who are in many cases, far better Filipinos than Ressa and her cohorts.

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