Did Western Mainstream Media And RSS Extremism Radicalise The Terrorist in New Zealand?

Over 50 civilians at two separate New Zealand mosques were slaughtered by a barbaric terrorist who has been named as 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant. Journalists who looked through the savage’s social media pages found numerous anti-Islamic tirades alongside photos of the weapons that were likely used during today’s vicious terrorist atrocities.

Apart from the human tragedy of this terrorism, the New Zealand attacks prove that terrorism knows no race, religion, ethnicity, ideology nor nationality. Any of these qualities when amplified to their extremities can be used as an attempted justification for violence against civilians. As such, terrorism is not confined to any single group. That being said, for decades, western mainstream media and politicians have both consciously and unconsciously painted Muslims as uniquely prone to terrorism. Today, such people ought to bow their heads in shame and pause for a long period of reflection – both because they have been lying for decades and because their lies may well have radicalised the monstrous white terrorist behind today’s attacks in New Zealand.

Along with western mainstream media is the strange world of Indian mass media. The internet now allows individuals throughout the world to watch explicitly anti-Islamic “news” programmes coming out of India which openly and with virtually no subtlety, scapegoat Pakistanis and Muslims throughout the world as the root cause of all real and perceived troubles. It is no wonder that those in Indian media who openly use their platforms to fly the flag of the BJP and its paramilitary extremist sister organisation RSS are the descendants of RSS extremists of the 1930s and 1940s who openly displayed an affinity for Nazism in Europe.

In many ways, Indian media is even more dangerous than western mainstream media when it comes to systematically dehumanising Muslims. This is because the tone of modern Indian mass media is far more brazen than even western media and as such, has the power to more readily rot the minds of impressionable English speaking young men from Gujarat to Sydney.

In either case, because the Australian born terrorist who slaughtered Muslim civilians in New Zealand was under thirty, it means that he spent much of his life and all of his adult life being indoctrinated by certain global media outlets whose primary refrain is to pin the world’s woes at the feet of Muslims – often pious Muslims at that.

As such, countries like Pakistan and Turkey tend to be singled out due to their Islamic history and due to their refusal to compromise with the terrorists that their security services have had to face. Whilst Britain’s infamous Muslim hater Tommy Robinson openly supports the RAW backed BLA terror group in Pakistan’s Balochistan province and whilst many self-professed liberals in Europe rally to the cause of the ultra-leftist terror group PKK which has slaughtered over 40,000 Turks since the late 1970s, the voices speaking up on behalf of Muslim lives are far too often silenced, ignored or even ridiculed.

The result is that those attacking Muslims in the name of anti-Islamic extremism have become normalised whilst simultaneously, the thought process which automatically deems Muslims to be guilty of crimes they did not commit, has been ingrained in the psyches of far too many in western states and in India.

One can ban weapons, execute terrorists and point the finger at fringe websites and obscure social media figures, but the fact of the matter is that it is mainstream media and politics throughout the west and in India which represent megaphones of anti-Islamic extremism that can radicalise any young man with even a few screws loose. When such young men are on drugs, the potency of the big media lies become even more likely to inspire acts of violence.

Many people who have slandered Muslims and Islamic majority states should reflect on whether they can see the blood dripping from their hands on a tragic day such as this.

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