Life Redacted: A Poem For Julian Assange

The olive branch plucked from the dove of peace
And thrown into the fires below
Where smoke still cloaks the ashy terrain
In an age where traitors keep the flame.

The forces of deception that were exposed
Could not feel shame before the curtain torn
And thus their will by force imposed
On the lamb of innocence so forlorn.

They chained the messenger and cut his tongue
They clipped the wings of the golden goose
They lured the victim into a trap
Whose only end is the hangman’s noose.

How many will pass his window never knowing
Of the pain that with time is growing
And yet no compassion comes from the craven minds
Who still presume that the world’s eyes are blind.

But the eyes of the world are watching still
The victims of the order “shoot to kill”
The whistle having been blown cannot be reversed
And yet for telling the truth a purer life is cursed.

Haunted by captivity
Are all of us who cannot be free
Until the embassy doors open to a faraway road
Where the hunched and beaten let down their heavy load.

A sacrifice made to keep us wise
Occam’s razor slicing through a web of lies
Where subterfuge is spewed without hesitation
While idiots delight at justice’s frustration.

Julian Assange is the brother we never met
And yet our tears of rage still burn.
How then could the world forget
The lessons for which he gave his freedom so that we might learn?

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