The Democrats Demanding The Publication of The Mueller Report Should be Supporting Julian Assange

When much of the content published by Wikileaks exposed the criminality, dishonesty and incompetence of the George W. Bush administration, many American supporters of the Democratic party cheered on Julian Assange. But when it became clear that Assange published without fear or favour, Democrats turned against him after Wikileaks released 100% truthful information that exposed the maleficence of Barack Obama’s administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Ironically, whilst the Clinton campaign was marred by the very real scandals that Assange transparently exposed, it was Clinton and her cohorts that accused Trump’s campaign of corruption bordering on treason.

As a long time member of the US establishment, no professional harm will come to Robert Mueller due to the fact that his investigation cleared Donald Trump’s campaign of the accusation that he colluded with the Russian government. That being said, the same Democrats who as recently as two months ago venerated Mueller like a saintly figure are now either ignoring him or repudiating his findings. What’s more is that while US Attorney General William Barr has authored a legal summary of Mueller’s report, many Democrats are demanding that the full report (with minor redactions) should be made public.

These are of course the same Democrats who continue to cry foul over Julian Assange’s publishing of authentic and truthful materials which exposed the heinous corruption of Hillary Clinton and those close to her during the 2016 US election. Making matters all the more surreal, the Democrats seeking the publication of the full Mueller report whilst invoking the refrain “if you have nothing to hide, you have no reason not to disclose the full report”, are the same people who continue to excoriate Julian Assange because in publishing the truth about Clinton and the Democratic party, Assange showed that the Democrats had something to hide – something that continues to be a source of embarrassment for the party.

It is logically contradictory to condemn the publication of one truth while demanding the publication of another. This however happens to be the current state of hypocrisy among America’s leading political elites.

What this all proves is that the factionalism that many Americans unilaterally associate with the so-called Third World has come home to roost. In the land of the First Amendment, it is no longer the truth that it protected but it is powerful elites who are shielded from justifiable criticism by the long and corrupt arm of the “law”. This is the same United States whose major public figures once praised Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for doing during the Watergate scandal what Julian Assange and Wikileaks have done regarding US war criminality and political corruption in the 21st century.

Of course the biggest difference between that which Woodward and Bernstein exposed and that which Assange exposed is the severity. Assange exposed war criminality as well as political corruption whilst Woodward and Bernstein merely exposed a form a criminal corruption that with the hindsight of a post-9/11 age looks mundane by comparison with the corruption in American politics and military banditry in the 21st century.

Likewise, after an initial military and government cover-up, when the truthful information about the criminal My Lai Massacre was unearthed, mainstream media outlets including CBS news went public with the information and unlike with Assange, there was no penalty paid by CBS and other mainstream US media outlets for reporting on the horrific massacre of Vietnamese civilians by US troops.

What this makes clear is that whilst technological innovations make the discrimination of truthful information more rapid than that which was possible in previous decades, the willingness of authority to stifle truthful reportage is not only more heavy handed and menacing than it once was, but it is also more brazen in respect of how the powers that be are willing to sacrifice liberty on the altar of tyranny disguised as “security”.

Decades after the American war in Vietnam and Watergate, those exposing more recent criminal acts and supreme corruption are condemned without equivocation.

Perhaps the biggest irony of all is that those who are calling for further transparency in respect of the publication of the Mueller report are largely the same people condemning Julian Assange for offering total transparency in his exposing of war criminality and political corruption among Trump’s chief opponents.

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