Elitism is More Than a Problem – it is a Perversion

In the animal kingdom, beasts of all sizes and biological proclivities will respond to events on the basis of reflex. Hierarchies within certain species prone to communal living will develop according to factors including an animal’s size, age and ability to provide other members of the pack or herd with food and protection against predators. Such a system entails a great deal of logic whilst importantly, there is an absence of artificially, qualifying judgements and irrational prestige in traditional hierarchies in the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, where cooperation exists, it tends to do so for the pragmatic reasons of securing the maximum amount of food and shelter for as many of the species as possible.

Whilst primitive humans developed along similar lines, the power of the human mind that is capable of great invention, innovation and progress has also proved itself to be capable of acts of great wickedness. Calculated psychological deception, social stratification based on irrational qualifiers and un-natural measurements of merit have all subverted and perverted the human condition over the millennia.

This has expressed itself in many ways from so-called spiritual traditions which allow for slavery and discrimination based on factors which have nothing to do with an individual’s ability to serve society, to political and economic systems which exclude certain individuals on a similar basis. Even in modern societies that claim to be equitable and free from that all too human fault of superstition, there are still social developments whose fundamental flaws continue to retard human excellence, human freedom and collective human peace.

Today, in scores of countries, elitism is a plague that conspires against the promotion of a truly meritocratic and free environment. To put it curtly, freedom is the ability to do and say what one wishes so long as it does not cause physical harm to life or someone else’s property and meritocracy is a society in which one is judged solely on what one produces for society irrespective of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste or private religious practices.

Opposed to societies based on freedom and meritocracy are societies in which one’s standing derives from dogmatic and legalistic judgements predicated on prefabricated standards. When it comes to depriving human freedom based on one’s assigned position versus others, such titles that are used to segregate humans from fundamental freedom include noble titles, religious titles, political titles, scholastic titles, military titles or titles offered by a private society.

A free mind realises that ideas exist as autonomous noumena. As such, ideas are vastly more important than any individual. An individual is often rewarded for reducing noumena to ascertainable phenomena, but the reason for this is simply because the noumena can never be fully grasped without being reduced to that which is knowable by fellow humans. Thus, any human who is successfully able to reduce the idea into a form that is easily apprehended by fellow humans, is rightly rewarded by some or all of society.

Whilst some might wrongly believe that such a reality might diminish or debase the value of individual humans, the contrary is true in a genuinely free society. In order for a society to be truly free, all human life beyond providing for the subsistence of the species should be judged in accordance with that which the individual gives society in terms of revealing certain elements of noumena/ideas through the proliferation of valued action steps. These valued actions steps can range from a feat of mechanical progress (mending a broken machine or inventing a new machine), a feat of biological progress (curing a disease or healing the ailing), creating art for the people, revealing political or social truths (as a matter of perception) to the people or creating the infrastructure of modern life for the people.

Each of these activities are phenomenal events which help humanity to grow closer to very real noumena.

Who then might seek to restrict human activity or devalue human worth based on those infamous factors of noble titles, religious titles, political titles, scholastic titles, military titles or titles offered by a private society? Such people who seek to restrict human dynamism, human dignity, human virtues and indeed organic human flaws based on artificial titles are literally perverts. Such people seek to pervert and subvert the natural order of the human condition in order to enrich themselves materially, socially and politically at the expense of those revealing truths and providing labour or services that cannot be reduced let alone traduced by titles which themselves were made by humans in order to imprison other humans (either psychologically, economically or indeed physically).

Such perverts are best described as elites and the practice of elitism in societies throughout the world continues to retard the progress of humanity in the parts of the world where elitism remains the rule rather than the exception.

The fortunate element to this revelation is that one need not resort of violence or hostility in order to undermine the power of the elites. The fiat currency that is elitism is only powerful so long as the slave acknowledges his master. The moment the slave becomes free by acting as his own master and treating others accordingly, elitism will surely die a death as it is a perverse and anti-human falsehood engaged in by those who seek to gain social advantage without having first brought a unique advantage to society.

Once this happens, humanity can breathe a sigh of relief. Until then, elites will fester upon the earth like a cancer upon humanity. In order for sicks societies to normalise their condition, they must begin to collectively re-humanise. This will happen once all men and woman can freely admit that all titles are forms of artificial and hence perverse separation not just of humans from each other but of the human condition from the power that comes not from men and women but from the ideas that are greater than any individual.

In a sick society, the weak become strong by sickening the normal. In a healthy society, all people will be able to seek freedom through phenomenal action steps that can materially and psychologically improve at least some and occasionally nearly all of society. All forms of discrimination including both the imposition of religious and secular titles prohibit humanity from reaching this advanced and free stage of cultural development.

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