5G Can Positively Transform Education Throughout The World

It is high time to to collectively ask whether the traditional model of schooling is fit for purpose in the 21st century. The idea that children can only learn when gathered at the same place at the same time to hear one local person instruct them ought to be challenged in an age in which the world stands on the cusp of profound technological change.

What if technology could help even the smallest village to pool the most dynamic and influential minds in the world and have them teach courses to local children? What too if a new educational model could help to cut costs while improving results in densely populated urban schools?

The answer to both of these questions lies in ultra fast 5G technology. Educational powered by interactive 5G lectures and lessons could see the world’s greatest physicists, mathematicians, linguists, biologists, artists and sportsmen instruct students through real time video interfaces that 5G technology delivers in a manner that is fully realistic. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures and real time interactive lessons, children could benefit from a university quality education in crucial subject areas whether in a notoriously overcrowded and economically strained urban school in the United States, a small school in a rural African village and anywhere in-between.

Because the lecturers would be paid through a subscription to a global service, it would actually be more economically viable to hire world class minds to provide lessons for students than to hire local teachers who in spite of their best efforts are not global leaders in a certain field of study.

Through 5G technology, education can be transformed by elevating the quality of instruction while cutting costs as well as de-centralising educational infrastructure. If most of the lessons in question will be delivered digitally, smaller school room facilities ranging from store fronts to portions of mixed use buildings can be used as places where groups of children gather to receive their lessons from 5G connected monitors, tablets and smartphones.

With the power that 5G technology brings, it is time not just to reconsider the structure of business but also a time to reconsider how 5G can improve education for students around the world.

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