Censorship is Love (a Protest Poem)

He’s an all American success story
Cutting down the latter rungs below.
A termite in understated glory
Beneath that sunny Silicon glow.

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
But he couldn’t find a few bored Russians
So censor yourself for goodness sake!

The KGB charter is from a foreign land
But it doesn’t take a cunning linguist to understand
That the First Amendment is being burnt to scrap
Because of “fact checking”, “community standards” and other Orwellian crap.

Our freedom to live without tyranny
Is being sacrificed for corporate security,
CNN shares going down-down-down
And that made the creepy wiz kid’s stoic face turn to frown.

No one has ever been harmed by words
Whether read or rhymed or sung
The same applies to the video star
Whose influence is exaggerated the most by far.

People are only as stupid as you make them
But social media is out to forsake them
The facts are there only if you take them
Into your paranoid yuppie inner sanctum.

The cowards leading you to war
Are nothing by fatuous bleeding sores.
So what -they coded something big 20 years ago
The world has moved on a lot and it sure does show.

In a truly free society
One does not need to justify a reason to be
Nor to hold a belief be it profound or brief
So long as you’re not a butcher or thief.

But when the bastards want the virtuous on their knees
They protect you from the truth until your eyes begin to bleed
Because the freest man is allergic to redacted life
And thus the pen of peace becomes the guerrilla’s knife.

If one wants to live in a land of the First Amendment, Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta
You better stand up for the rights of those you hate
Because when ideas clash no one dies
Even when “news” is how the brand their basket of deplorable lies.

Journalism is for all of us
Not a group of small elite.
All truth is simple when one pulls back
The filthy masks of the sly, cunning and effete.

Free speech is ugly, beautiful, a lie and truth,
Free speech is positive without proof
Free speech is a reflection on life itself
Without free speech our society dies by stealth.

Free speech is magic – free speech is reason
Without free speech all human thought can be recast as treason
Free speech cannot be for me if it’s not for you
Free speech has a tendency to hit you from out of the blue.

Call me anything you want to say
I’ll do the same the very next day
But if our tongues are tied and cut
Then the gateway to a better life is shut.

To hate free speech is to hate life itself
Because we are all life – its virtues and flaws
We were born to do more than kindle the flame
Before the dancing shadows that reflect our shame.

They teach about genocides of the past
But when will the lessons be learned today
In a world where time is ticking and nothing lasts
The die are spun before they’re cast.

The heart of fascism is beating like a drum
It’s hand outstretched and holding a gun
Up to your temple with a shaky hand upon the trigger
Getting ready to make the First Amendment’s bed
Raped by Silicon and an ounce of lead.

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