The YPG/PKK’s Reign of Terror Must Come to an End

Protests continue to grow in parts of north-eastern Syria under the illegal occupation of the YPG/PKK terror group. After setting up an illegal regional regime under the SDF banner, former Daesh strongholds in Syria including Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor have been irresponsibly handed by US authorities to the YPG/PKK whose terrorist leaders continue to run what amounts to an apartheid style occupation in legally defined Syrian territory.

For the Arabs, non-Kurdish minorities and anti-YPG/PKK ethnic Kurds of north-eastern Syria, the expansion of the YPG/PKK’s control has been uniformly disastrous. Arab tribesmen in both Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor have begun demonstrating against discriminatory conditions in which the YPG/PKK sells oil from the fields it occupies to Damascus while cheating locals out of the profits of these dubious sales. Likewise, public services, treatment before what passes as “legal authorities” and educational facilities are all inherently biased against Arabs and indigenous minorities.

The trends of wholesale Apartheid style discrimination against indigenous Syrian Arabs by he YPG/PKK is not new. It has been reported by independent sources ever since the YPG/PKK began to unilaterally occupy parts of Syria’s north, typically with the direct assistance of Washington – this in spite of America’s proscription of the PKK as a terrorist group.

As early as 2017 when the YPG/PKK began conquering parts of Raqqa, the following was written by geopolitical expert Andrew Korybko:

“There’s no ‘delicate’ way to say it – what’s happening in Raqqa right now is the large-scale ethnic cleansing of the city’s majority-Arab population through chemical weapons and indiscriminate bombing in order to create the on-the-ground conditions for ‘legitimizing’ the expansion of the Kurds’ ‘federalized’ statelet (the ‘second geopolitical Israel’). The Mainstream Media is holding back from openly announcing the obvious in a frail attempt to obscure its grand strategic plans until the day arrives when they’re undeniable, but also of course out of the self-interested pursuit to avoid being implicated in worsening the Immigrant Crisis.

As for most of the Alt-Media, they’re very reluctant to recognize that Russia’s policy of engagement with the Syrian Kurds has totally failed to pry them away from the Pentagon, so there’s a certain degree of wounded pride involved which is taking some time to overcome. Furthermore, by recognizing the US-Kurd campaign in Raqqa as ethnic cleansing, it would put enormous pressure on Russia to stage a “humanitarian intervention”, which to remind the reader, is beyond Moscow’s military mandate and could dangerously draw it into an Afghan-like quagmire and potentially lead to nuclear brinksmanship with the US, both of which the Kremlin will do anything to avoid.

Sadly, what this translates to in reality is that the Arab cleansing of Raqqa will probably go unnoticed in most of the global media, though it might emerge as a politicized subject after the campaign is completed. For now, however, it seems like both the Mainstream and Alternative Medias are content with only discussing the US’ chemical weapons use and indiscriminate bombing during this campaign, which is interesting to note because Western Mainstream Media usually never talks about such truths. Therefore, this in and of itself should be a glaring indication for all observers that the West is desperately trying to deflect from the ongoing ethnic cleansing that’s happening on the ground, though hopefully, Alt-Media will call them out on it sooner than later”.

It is worth noting that earlier in the same article Korybko writes the following:

“I wrote about this relationship in my article about the Kurdish-Daesh-Saudi connection in Syria and Iran, which also makes it abundantly clear that my professional use of the word ‘Kurd’, unless otherwise and explicitly specified, always refers solely to Kurdish militant groups, NOT the peaceful and law-abiding majority of this demographic”.

Thus, Korybko’s analysis makes it perfectly clear that one can and should separate the peaceful populations of north-eastern Syria which includes ethnic Kurds, from the YPG/PKK terror group that has committed atrocities against their own ethnic “brethren” as well as against the majority Arab population of cities like Raqqa as well as against Turkomen and Christian minorities including Armenians.

It should also be remembered that from a purely ideological point of view, it is shocking that a self-processed anti-communist US administration should align itself with YPG/PKK terrorists whose own ideology of collectivist, pseudo-anarco ultra-feminist Marxism that would make most Trump supporters shudder with contempt. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that members of the violent Trotskyist US based Antifa group have travelled to Syria to fight beside the YPG/PKK.

Beyond this, the YPG/PKK has a well documented history of recruiting child soldiers, including young girls to fight among their ranks while the group’s main source of income is raised from the lethal narcotics trade. Such a group is not representative of any one ethnicity and regional Kurds, Turks and Arabs realise this to be true even if the YPG/PKK’s useful idiots refer to the terror group as “the Kurds”.

With all of this in mind, it is unconscionable that the United States should not only allow but facilitate this brutal YPG/PKK occupation that continues to expand across north-eastern Syrian territory. The reality for ordinary Syrians is that the Daesh terror group has merely been replaced by another terrorist group, the YPG/PKK.

While Turkey has raised this issue internationally, none of the other parties to the Syria conflict have done so. Because of this broad neglect, innocent civilians continue to suffer.

No country claiming to care about the humanitarian crises in Syria should continue to ignore the plight of civilians living under the whip hand of the dangerous YPG/PKK. Fighting one terror group while enabling another is not just hypocritical but it makes one complicit in the horrific acts being committed by the terror group currently in charge.

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