Responsible Nations Should Issue a Joint Declaration Calling For End to Trade War

It is utterly naieve to suggest that the China-US trade war only impacts companies in China and the United States. It is equally naieve to suggest that the trade war effects only the people of China and the United States. As the two most important economies in the world, the scientific research, technological advancement, innovation and production capacities of each country impacts the wider world as a whole.

Contemporary tech innovations with their ability to save lives through advanced medical techniques, their ability to make the world more literate, numerate and holistically educated, their ability to make commerce democratised, efficient and empowering and their ability to expose people to more information that at any previous epoch in human history , will all be put at risk due to the increasingly hostile environment of the trade war and related negative developments in bilateral China-US relations.

It is not that China and the US are not economically mighty enough to stand on their own – they most certainly are. The great fault therefore lies in the fact that if both countries pooled their collective talents and resources together, the world could advance at a potentially exponentially more rapid pace than that which is possible in an era of mistrust and unhealthy competition.

However much those in China and the US might lose out due to Washington’s unilateral rejection of cooperation, those in third countries will be the biggest losers as much of the world remains mutually dependent on trade and services deriving from both China and the United States.

With this in mind, it is high time for the nations of ASEAN, nations of the Eurasian Economic Union, nations of the European Union, nations of the African union, nations of Mercosur and others to sign a joint declaration demanding an end to the atmosphere of economic hostility between America and China. Such a declaration could read as follows:

We the peoples of the world, resolved to create a more peaceful future built upon the foundations of sustainable prosperity hereby implore the leadership of the world’s two largest economies to enter into an era of enhanced cooperation for the betterment of humankind. 

For too long, artificial political divisions have led not only to an uneven distribution of prosperity in the world but have constrained great scientific minds from pursuing the liberation of the human race from the bondage of decay, stagnation and complacency. 

When allowed to flourish naturally, scientists, innovators, creators and doctors can make the world  a better place for all of its inhabitants and for their offspring. In order to achieve this, we remain resolute in our determination to pursue and promote cooperation on a win-win basis as the fundamental ethos underscoring all relations between nations and between humankind. 


The Free Peoples of The World 

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