The Brexit Party is The Only Truly Serious UK Wide Political Party

While some continue to to push the boundaries of denial and pretend as though the rousing Brexit Party victory in the UK’s recent Euro election was anything but seismic, both the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour continue to disintegrate at a time when steadfast political leadership is needed.

In respect of the Conservatives, the party that Theresa May claimed was “strong and stable” is now rivalling the US Democratic party when it comes to a self-parodying leadership election. It appears as though over a dozen potential successors to May have thrown their hats into the ring but with the exception of Boris Johnson, none of them are household names and most of them are virtually unknown.

However, one candidate, Rory Stewart has decided to take on the world only this time the former soldier is armed only with a selfie stick. The cringe inducing videos he has produced are surreal at best and at their worst they are downright embarrassing. One involves the potential fearless leader trying to speak the Afghan variety of Farsi to a seemingly bemused passerby and in another Stewart invites people to meet him for a chat at Kew Gardens. But while the chat is ostensibly free, one must first by a £20 ticket to enter the gardens. I’m not sure that this particular marketing scheme was particularly well thought out.

Throughout this process, Boris Johnson remains a man unseen even though his name is being shouted throughout betting shops across the land. Boris is in fact so popular that most of his colleagues appear ready to knife him in the back at any moment. It’s an event worthy of the worst amateur production of Julius Caesar that Westminster has ever staged.

And then comes the Labour party. After expelling Tony Blair’s spin doctor and Iraq war cheerleader Alastair Campbell for admitting that he voted for the Liberal Democrats, Labour are currently at each others throats in a vainglorious attempt to find out just what on earth the party stands for. To add to the confusion, party leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that his party will learn from its major defeat in the Euro vote but that this learning process involves maintaining the exact same policies as before…even though no one including Corbyn himself can quite articulate what these policies are when it comes to the all important issue of Brexit.

Meanwhile, one of the only Labour MPs to adopt a policy that is both consistent and popular with her constituents, Kate Hoey has been subjected to a barrage of abuse from self-proclaimed Labour supporters because she, like those who voted her into Parliament, supports Brexit.

Within the confines of this political circus, it would appear that the only grown up party in Britain is The Brexit Party. This itself is ironic given the fact that it has been in existence for less than six weeks. But be that as it may, its straightforward approach to Brexit, its positive message, its inclusive nature, its sensible and clear communicating style and the fact that its MEPs come off as normal, competent and enthusiastic, all mean that the party is the most viable and reasonable option of any UK wide political party.

When one strips back tribal political loyalties, it seems difficult to imagine how anyone could vote for a leaderless Conservative party whose already lugubrious leadership election is appearing evermore like a Pagliacci lookalike contest. When it comes to Labour, its not just that the blind are leading the blind but in the process they’re slaughtering their guide dogs in order to prove obscure points that only the most devoted cultists could fathom.

While the Conservatives and Labour both claim they will respect the people’s wishes when it comes to Brexit, it is hard to trust parties that self evidently do not even respect themselves, let alone the voters. The Brexit Party may be new but at least it is honest and very mature for its age.

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