Julian Assange’s Blood Will be on The Hands of The Smug Elite

There is now a very grave danger that Julian Assange’s life is in imminent danger. This time the most proximate threat is not that of the hangman but of an unknown illness that according to reports has rendered Assange unable to even hold a conservation with his lawyers. At today’s court hearing, Assange was unable to appear either in person or by video link from the notorious Prison Belmarsh. Clearly something is very wrong with Assange’s health and while details have been few and far between, his absence from a crucial court hearing makes it clear that earlier rumours were in fact true.

The proximate cause of Assange’s severe deterioration in health is not known but what is known is that almost a year ago independent medical processionals who visited Julian Assange whilst still trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London stated that even then his physical and mental health had deteriorated and was in desperate need of proper care. The fact that Assange’s condition has declined further since his formal imprisonment offers an unambiguous indication that his savage treatment has been not only reckless but wholly inadequate at both a psychological and biological level.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner whose plight is equally severe as was that of South Africa’s peaceful liberator Nelson Mandela prior to his release from an Apartheid prison. But this time, it is not hardline supporters of white supremacy in Africa who are imprisoning Assange but it is smug liberal elites who claim a moral high ground that no Apartheid supporter could have ever occupied even if one were to try.

Assange’s captors are not just his literal jailers but include those in the corporate media who continue to mock him, politicians who literally laughed and continue to laugh at his condition and most of all, his captors include those who smugly stated that he was free to walk out of the Ecuadorian Embassy any time he may have wished. Not only are these people devious lairs but they bear a distinctly proximate guilt due to their efforts which have socially normalised the torture of an innocent political prisoner.

Now that Assange has been effectively kidnapped and removed from the Embassy by force in a clear violation of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, it is clear that what awaited Assange was not freedom or even an insulting slap on the wrist as some liberals had previously stated outright or cunningly implied. Instead, Assange has been thrown into one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners which is home to blood sucking terrorists and barbarous paedophiles. He now faces imminent extradition (either to Sweden and then the US or directly to the US) the result of which will be a Chelsea Manning style secret kangaroo court with the death penalty being a likely sentence thereafter. This is the case in spite of the fact that no publisher in history has been charged under the US espionage act. Making matters more absurd is the fact that Assange is not an American and never published from US soil.

In spite of the patently absurd nature of the technicalities behind Assange’s political imprisonment, the fact that he remains hospitalised without access to his supporters, friends and legal defenders is itself an affront to the already egregious situation faced by a publisher turned freedom fighter.

Julian Assange’s status as a political prisoner could rapidly metamorphose to that of a political martyr. Make no mistake, if Julian Assange dies behind bars, this will represent an act of criminal homicide up to and including murder.

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