The Pakistani Government Has Capitulated to Terrorists by Refusing to Unleash The Army in Waziristan

Three Pakistani officers and one solider were martyred in a horrific terrorist attack in the Kharqamar region of North Waziristan. This comes not long after a Pakistani soldier in Boya, North Waziristan was martyred after a roadside IED was detonated in a brazen act of unambiguous terrorism. The specific group responsible for these horrific act has yet to be named which itself is something of a political scandal following such horrific attacks. That being said, what is clear enough is that the civilian politicians in Islamabad have let the country down by refusing to acknowledge the desperation of the present situation and allow the Army to proceed accordingly.

For too long, civilian politicians have mollycoddled PTM agitators as though the entire political establishment of Pakistan was being held hostage by a group of provocateurs whose aim is one of violence in spite of the deceptive language of peace deployed by its fugitive spokesmen. Such behaviour on the part of the political elite is not only shameful but now it is clear that this behaviour is also dangerous.

Because not only of its ties to hostile foreign regimes (as ISPR recently made abundantly clear) but because of its anti-Army fanaticism, PTM now presents a clear and present danger to the territorial unity and social cohesion of the Pakistani state that is heroically defended on a daily basis by the Army and ISI. And yet the political class continues to behave like a group of ostriches with heads buried firmly under the sand in spite of the facts being crystal clear.

One would think that liberal elitist Pakistanis would have learned their lesson after the fight against TTP terrorism was won due to the bravery, professionalism and heroism of the Pakistani Army and ISI. One would think that such people would thank the Army and ISI for protecting their safety and safeguarding the freedoms of all Pakistanis.

Today’s terror attack in Waziristan makes it clear that PTM’s dangerous presence in the area has opened the floodgates to further violence against the state and innocent civilians (including the vast majority of patriotic Pashtuns) who want no part in devious plots. It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that PTM is the new TTP and therefore it must be acknowledged and treated as such by the impotent civilian politicians in Islamabad.

Making matters more dangerous is the fact that while TTP was unabashed in its extremist ideology, PTM cloaks anti-state separatism in a veneer designed to seduce weak minded liberals into supporting a cause which is de facto anti-Pakistani. Frighteningly but perhaps predictably, the liberal elites continue to take the bait.

There is scarcely another country on earth in which PTM would have been tolerated for as long as it has been in Pakistan. This itself is because there is scarcely a country on the planet in which the political elite try to enshrine their positions of power not through a nationalist narrative or a resistance narrative but instead through a perverse narrative of capitulation to the enemies of Pakistan in the name of some vague pseudo-academic ideological “virtues”.

It is for this reason that all of the mainstream political parties have the blood of the martyred soldier partly on their hands. Pakistan’s decades long experience in battling extremism and terrorism – most of which has been backed by foreign hostile regimes, means that naivety and ignorance  cannot be considered acceptable excuses when it comes to bowing before anti-state agitators who ultimately put the lives of all peace loving Pakistanis at risk.

Within this context, it is a supremely bitter irony that many Pakistani liberal elites wish Pakistan to become more like India and in an odd way they are right – although not for the reasons they think.

In India, the military, civilian leadership and RAW are always on the same page and if anything, the civilian leadership encourages the military and RAW to be more tough rather than less. This has become especially true during the BJP government of Narendra Modi. If the same was true in Pakistan, Twitter and other social media platforms would not be filled with Pakistani liberals taking the side of terrorists whilst condemning their own army.

If there is anything to learn from India, it is that one can call one’s self a democracy without civilians believing that it is their democratic duty to undermine the military and intelligence bodies.

Pakistan’s Army and ISI have proved that they are able to stand up to aggression whether in the form of TTP, BLA or provocations from neighbouring states. But substantial parts of the wealthy liberal elite are doing that which the TTP, BLA and RAW could never do – they are destroying Pakistan from within.

Democracy can only work if in a time of war, people use their freedoms to defend the freedom of a nation just as sure as in a time of peace, democracy can only work when the losers of elections can accept their fate with dignity. Neither is the case in Pakistan which is why democracy has died.

India, China, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Korea and Japan would never allow a group like PTM to operate freely on their respective soils. Furthermore, in none of these globally significant nations would such a group constantly have its proverbial backside kissed by cowardly politicians.

If Pakistan’s politicians want to defend democracy, the only way to do this is by giving the Army free reign against those who would destroy the state and consequently destroy democracy through extremist provocations, through violence, through separatism and through terror. The idea that the Army is anything but a defender of peace is itself a poisonous liberal elitist narrative born out of books for school children that bear no relationship to the clear and present dangers faced down by the Army on a regular basis.

It is a shame that Islamabad continues to be infested by tribal politicians whose loyalty is not to a central state but to dynastic mafias, international liberalism and a broadly selfish and consistently anti-state lifestyle. Such people have given PTM’s masters a gift beyond that foreseen in their wildest dreams.

Snakes will always exist as part of a natural habitat. The fool is one who believes that when a snake sheds its skin, it ceases being a snake.

Islamabad’s approach to PTM will prove to be intolerable to the citizens of Pakistan if military action is not taken to bring stability to Waziristan.

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