The Art of War

Be calm.
Choose your inner strength as your weapon.
Choose reason over emotion.
Before you open your lips to anger
Do not explode like an erring child.
Choose to be wise:
Think well, and victory is certain.
The key: know your enemies
And know your friends.
Slowly walk towards the battlefield
Look, and be mindful of your footsteps.
Be brave at the right time
Be gentle most of the time.
Defeat destroys your entire army
But let it not break your spirit.
Gather your loyal soldiers
And ask them what they think.
Listen. Listen well:
Respect you will earn.

To rule the world is victory.
To rule the self is peace.
Become a warrior whose aim is love,
And you will never lose your soul.
But be strong and tough during storm,
Be gentle but never weak.
Speak few words
And the universe listens.
Run, run like the king lion
But rest like a sleeping buddha.

Victory is yours,
From start to end.

And you do not need a war to win…

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