The Mother of All Talks Shows Unleashed Debuts Today – Here’s Where to Listen

Sunday the 23rd will see the debut of George Galloway’s new version of his class Mother of Talk Shows. This time, the show is unleashed around the world and will take your calls and Tweets from anywhere on earth. Here’s how to listen to the show:

From a web browser, simply visit the Sputnik website and click LISTEN LIVE

For the free and easy to use Android app, simply download the Sputnik app here

For the free and easy to use Apple app, simply download Sputnik from the Apple Store 

To watch the live video link, simply to to RT UK’s video player here

If you have access to UK television, you can also watch the video link on RT UK which can be found on Free View channels 113 and 234, 511 and 234 on Sky, 206 on Free Sat and in The Republic of Ireland on Virgin Cable.

On terrestrial radio in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, you can catch the show on FM 105.5 MHz

The show will be live every Sunday

19.00-22.00 in the UK

14.00-17.00 on America’s east coast

11.00-14.00 on America’s west coast



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