People From Developing And Post-Colonial Countries Should Reject The Poison of Western Universities

Over half a century after the decolonisation movements of the 20th century, one set of western institutions continues to repress the spirit of freedom and equality within post-colonial societies. Whilst seemingly benign, western universities continue to poison the minds of thousands in post-colonial societies who believe that the sole gateway to an enlightened mind can be found in the halls of western universities. Before progressing, it must be made clear that universities in any country teaching the hard sciences are excluded from this criticism. Instead, the criticism lies at the feet of the so-called “humanities” – a morass of self-inflicted liberal brainwashing that bears no relationship to an actual understanding of the subjects purportedly being taught.

Western universities are in fact based on once proud theological institutions whose origins lie in an era of high church feudalism. Such a model is not only removed from the histories of Asian and African societies but it is also highly remote from the realities of modern democratic western nations that have long abandoned feudalism and are increasingly if not totally secular in terms of their social environment.

Even though the Christianity has been largely expunged from once predominately Christian theological institutions, a new religion of liberal elitism continues to be preached and proselytised with the same vigour of a Medieval inquisitor.

Perhaps because liberalism is now being taught as a religion in the same way in which Christian theology was once taught, the university graduate of today is filled with the same dogma that might have once served priests well but which today is a supreme detriment bordering on psychological retardation when it it serves to indoctrinate aspiring politicians, policy commentators or worse yet, journalists.

Politics is nothing if not problem solving and problem solving skills are learned in the actual sciences rather than in the humanities. As such, if aspiring Asian and African rulers, businessmen, journalists and social commentators decided to attain a university degree (in any country) in mathematics, it could very likely serve them well in the vocations they seek to enter. The same is true of computer programming, physics, chemical engineering and medicine. Maths do not lie but liberal dogmatists do little else other than lie.

It is true that a bad education can be easily overcome by real life experience which is and has always been the finest teacher of all. The trouble is that the attitudes with which individuals from developing countries exhibit when exiting western universities represent not that of pragmatic patriots but that of  arrogant colonisers. Thus, the humanities departments colonise the minds of gullible Asian and African elites and later these same elites to the use these psychological weapons to hold back the progress of their countrymen who haven’t had the same experience of liberal indoctrination that they had.

For those who understand that western universities once prepared missionaries to accompany the militant conquerors of foreign lands, it will be that much more obvious to realise that today’s western universities are doing something eerily similar by conquering the minds of aspiring post-colonial rulers.

There is a further and deeply important factor in this entire poisonous pattern. Because those in post-colonial societies/developing nations who receive an education at western universities often do so because they foolishly believe that it is preparing them for a career as a political leader or policy marker, they inflict on their fellow countrymen a superiority complex in the same way that in ancient times, common tribesmen would worship a holyman even if such holymen were nothing but cunning frauds.

The very idea that someone ought to be treated as a superior being within society by virtue of the fact that he or she received a piece of paper from a western university is not only insulting to even the vaguest notions of democracy, social equality, economic opportunity and free speech, but it is downright absurd to think that those offering nothing but unreconstructed liberalism are somehow in a position to solve the practical problems within developing and post-colonial nations.

It is all too unfortunate that many ordinary decent people in Asia and Africa do not realise that westerners with university degrees in the “humanities” are often ignored, ridiculed or mocked in their own societies. In the United States in particular, the tradition of free speech granted by the 1st amendment to the constitution has led to a growth of a culture that has never been very interested in the proclamations coming from individuals housed in universities modelled on a style of European feudalism that the United States was formed to explicitly reject.

In Europe too, whilst some people still have romanticised conceptions of places like Oxford and Cambridge, when it comes to politics, more and more people throughout Europe are rejecting the “wisdom” of university types and are turning towards more pragmatic and more democratic leaders who understand that life for ordinary decent working people is very different from that of the overly educated elites.

Therefore, few people in western countries and hardly any normal people in America care about what happens in universities. Moreover, the more that university types take liberalism to new extremes, the more such people are openly mocked by democratically minded populations.

As such, one of the few places where a degree from a western university matters is in developing and post-colonial societies where ordinary people have been browbeaten into silent submission by men and women with degrees which are more or less meaningless in the western countries in which they got the degrees in the first place.

With this in mind, the ordinary decent people of Asian and African societies ought to reject the liberal elitist and incredibly foreign dogmas delivered to them by arrogant recipients of university degrees form western countries. The next great step in the anti-colonial movement will be taken only after liberal academic colonialism is expunged from the nation-states of Asia and Africa.

As President Duterte said of the colonial mentality in politics:

” I am a President of a sovereign state. And we have long ceased to be a colony of the United States. I do not have any master except the Filipino people. Nobody but nobody…..Son of a bitch….I will swear at you”.

When people in countries like The Philippines begin to reject the elitism ensconced within minds colonised by foreign liberal universities, true freedom will be within reach.

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