An Anti-ICE Terrorist Almost Murdered A Bunch Of Illegal Immigrants

A self-professed antifa sympathizer was shot to death while trying to blow up an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Washington State, which would have murdered the same illegal immigrants that he supposedly wanted to “save” had he been successful, with this irony also extending to some of the most outrageously contradictory views contained in his radical manifesto.

Social media is buzzing about the so-called “raid” that over one million people said they planned to make against Area 51 later this year in search of aliens, but one man jumped the gun and was killed while trying to free some of them elsewhere. Willem Van Spronsen attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Tacoma, Washington, with a semi-automatic rifle and flares in a failed attempt to set a propane tank on fire and blow up the building, which would have ironically murdered the same illegal immigrants (“aliens”) that supposedly wanted to “save” had he been successful. He left behind a radical manifesto professing support for antifa and proudly telling the world that “my trans comrades have transformed me”, alongside urging “patriotic” Americans to bear arms (even if illegally procured) “for defending people from the predatory state” that he claims is locking up “folks deemed lesser” in “concentration camps”.

Van Spronsen also sung the praises of the Kurdish YPG militants who antifa adores as revolutionary “Neo-Marxist” icons but whose hatefilled manifesto and anti-Arab ethnic cleansing campaign in Syria prove are even more fascist than the figures that he railed against by name. He of course included Trump on his list of enemies, but also big-tech leaders such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Tim Cook, and most interestingly of all, Soros, the man who’s lionized by the left and who all criticism of is usually smeared as “anti-Semitic”. The people eulogizing Van Spronsen as a “martyr” are either unaware of his view that Soros is a fascist or are purposely ignoring it in order to push their overall agenda of “legitimizing” terrorist attacks against ICE facilities, seeing as how they’d otherwise never openly associate themselves with someone who shares the same supposedly “anti-Semitic” position towards Soros as many of their so-called “fascist” opponents on the right.

Something else that’s ironic about Van Spronsen’s manifesto is that he misquotes his “political guide”, 20th-century anarchist Emma Goldman, as having said “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution”. She never uttered that now-famous phrase, though, which “was literally made up to sell t-shirts” decades after her death. That just adds to the absurdity of his worldview, which is extremely contradictory (especially as regards the YPG) and proved to ultimately be self-defeating. Not only did this anti-ICE terrorist try to kill the same illegal immigrants that he wanted to free, but he also broke his fellow leftists’ “golden rule” of never criticizing Soros, let alone daring to call him a fascist. On top of that, this antifa supporter was actually duped by his capitalist foes for his entire life into thinking that his “political guide” said something that she didn’t, with this gullibility being characteristic of the typical leftist in today’s America and showing how misguided they truly are.

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