Anti-Chinese Racism: A Disturbing Characteristic of The “Woke” Liberal Left of The West

The once emotive and and serious issue of racism has been reduced largely to parody by mostly white western liberals who believe that anything and everything that does not confirm to their extremist views is automatically racist in nature. This has served to totally debase the word and even the meaning of racism whilst giving the liberals themselves a free pass to promulgate the kinds of actual racially hateful politics that they claim to resent in others.

Whilst such liberals claim that they seek to attain a hypothetical multi-cultural utopia even in countries that have no history of multi-culturalism, the leadership of this broad movement is almost entirely comprised of self-hating white people who not long ago would have only been known to the wider world through the medium of a parody.

Whilst many of these white liberals secretly harbour a hatred of Muslims in general and of Turks in particular due to the incompatibility of cosmopolitan liberal extremism and Islamic values, when it comes to fully open and unambiguous racism, the western liberals reserve their supreme vitriol for Chinese.

China is governed by a left-wing party albeit one that subscribes to traditional values of working people whilst preserving Chinese cultural characteristics. But for the western liberals and self-identified leftists of the west, this means little. As a successful country that has adopted a functional and admirable economic system whilst retaining traditional cultural characteristics, China is in many ways considered “international enemy number one”. This is the case not least because China’s political system makes it difficult for foreign liberals to meddle in Chinese social affairs.

The political credo of contemporary western liberal extremists is one which ultimately respects neither the rights of the individual nor the rights of sovereign states. Were such people to ever fully grasp the nettles of political power through the use of force in their western countries of origin, they would violently push for a barbarous drive towards the abolition of nationhood across the globe whilst every man and woman who did not subscribe to their particular ideology would find themselves unable to attain employment, unable to rent or purchase property, unable to open or maintain a bank account and unable to raise one’s family without the authorities threatening to deprive a parent of his or her right to raise a child in dignity.

This might sound extreme but at a localised level it is already happening in many parts of the west. Individuals in western countries find themselves censored from the digital public square, prohibited from making monetary transactions online, stripped of credit card services, sacked from their employment, made homeless and labelled a public enemy by the corporate media for the “crime” of speaking in public on behalf of traditional values.

It is for this reason that the Huxleyan nightmare created by western liberals cannot and should not ever be compared to China’s internal security measures. In mainland China, whilst freedom to speak is very much the rule (contrary to racist stereotypes), as a developing country China must take precautions against reckless behaviour directed against state institutions which defend and preserve traditional cultural values. It is for this reason that just as western financial companies have long maintained credit ratings, China’s so-called “social credit system” is merely a modernised update of the western authored credit rating. Moreover, it is one which allows people to be rewarded for good behaviour that is not merely limited to financial prudence. In any case, China does not seek to impose any of its internal laws or characteristics on any foreign country whether a fellow developing country or those in the developed world.

But whilst the so-called “social credit system” in China is greatly mis-represented abroad, at its core, China’s legal system and China’s political leadership are doing what they can to insure that a developing country retains its cultural and social identity so that further development can lead to greater social harmony, prosperity and happiness for the people.

Unlike what occurs in contemporary China, the western liberal extremist seeks power in order to destroy the normal social and cultural order of society. Whilst China’s Reform and Opening-up has been shaped by the wisdom of pragmatic leaders including Deng Xiaoping and today’s leadership of Xi Jinping, the western liberal is more akin to Pol Pot – a blood soaked fanatic who sought to remake society in his own imagine whilst killing anyone that stood in the way of his new social vision.

The modern western liberal detests economic success, detests economic pragmatism, detests confident cultures and detest traditional values. This might be why the virulent hatred against China and racism against its people is so prevalent among those in the west who claim to be anti-racist liberals. Such people are far more likely to spread outrageous lies about China than anyone on the western right which might sound curious to some as this is generally the opposite of the situation in the years immediately following 1949.

But today, hatred of Chinese, Chinese society and the Chinese form of government is a major problem among self-hating white liberals. Most notably, this has nothing to do with support for separatism in Hong Kong or Taiwan as such causes remain the fascination of elements of the Cold War nostalgic right – a faction which itself is becoming less and less potent in the west itself.

Thus, without a cause of their own, it can only be deduced that the western liberal hatred of China is something visceral, something frightening and something detached from any sense of reality. The same tendencies which drive membership of groups like the Ku Klux Klan now drive the western liberal hatred of China.

China correctly pursues a policy of total non-interference into the affairs of other nations but even so, China can and ought to know who its friends and enemies are in foreign lands.

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