Fu Guohao is a Hero

Yesterday, journalist Fu Guohao was physically seized, tied up and savagely beaten by rioters at Hong Kong air port. After Fu sustained major injuries, the rioters prohibited medical services from reaching him as he remained hogtied to a makeshift torture rack. Eventually Fu was hospitalised and since then, more about his stoic mindset has been revealed.

When cornered by terrorist rioters who had occupied the airport, Fu was found with a t-shirt that said “I love Hong Kong Police”. Turning to his torturers, Fu said, “I support Hong Kong police, you can beat me now”.

Of the many people attacked by the rioters of Hong Kong, Fu’s ISIS style torture has shocked people across the world who haven’t necessarily followed this summer’s events in Hong Kong. What started as a mostly peaceful protest against a specific piece of proposed legislation in June has now spiralled into an ISIS style avalanche of violence, lawlessness and anarchy with no end in sight.

Fu Guohao did not come to Hong Kong for any reason other than to observe. Even in an open war zone, regular armies do not target civilian journalists irrespective of the intensity of the surrounding fighting. This is why it is accurate to say that Fu’s torturers are terrorists. Unlike a regular military force, terrorists take a sick pleasure in targeting civilians including journalists. This is precisely what happened with Fu. It has likewise become clear that Fu was set upon simply because he was a journalist who happened to be from the mainland of China.

It is fortunate that Fu was not killed by the savages occupying the Hong Kong airport but his stoicism and dignity in the face of monsters serves as an inspiration to all those seeking to fight for peace and order over the rule of the mob and the law of the jungle. Fu Guohao is a hero.


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