Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have To Fund Rashida Tlaib’s Visit To Her Palestinian Grandma

“Israel” waived its earlier restriction on supposedly pro-BDS congresswoman Rashida Tlaib entering the territory “on humanitarian grounds” in response to her sending them a letter requesting access to the occupied region in order to visit her Palestinian grandma, but with that now being the case and the reason for her visit, there’s absolutely no reason that taxpayers should fund it and she should be pressured to pay for the trip on her own.

Israel” once again made global headlines after it complied with Trump’s tweeted “suggestion” that the self-professed “Jewish State” restrict the entrance of supposedly pro-BDS congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to the territory, only to suddenly reverse its decision in relation to the first-mentioned “on humanitarian grounds” after she sent them a letter requesting access to the occupied region in order to visit her Palestinian grandma. Haaretz journalist Noa Landau tweeted a copy of the congresswoman’s petition where she promised not to promote the BDS movement during her visit, which is likely why the “Israeli” Interior Ministry approved her request. While the international media has been debating whether or not it was right for “Israel” to ban Tlaib and Omar from entering, the focus should now shift to the sincerity of Tlaib’s BDS beliefs and the true intent of her visit in the first place.

Family ties are much more important to her than consistent commitment to the political movement that she purports to be a part of, which is her personal choice to make but nevertheless provokes questions about how many other exceptions exist to her rule in boycotting “Israel”. In fact, it can be argued that her and Omar’s planned trip there as part of an official congressional delegation was breaking the very same boycott that they claim to support. In their defense, they’ve pleaded that they only wanted to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause,  yet that movement is already the most well known in the entire world and their visit probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference in terms of the bigger picture other than resulting in a few photo-ops that they could then show off to their constituents in the hopes of being re-elected next year. That, however, might not have been the only self-interested motive at play.

Following what Tlaib wrote about how “this could be [her] last opportunity to see [her grandma]”, it makes one wonder whether the only reason she even wanted to visit Palestine to begin with was to have the taxpayers foot the bill for her personal/”humanitarian” trip. She’s best friends with Omar, who also shares the same self-interested desire to exploit the trip for positive publicity (in term of how her constituents would likely interpret it) and therefore electioneering purposes, and would likely be happy to do Tlaib a favor by going along with her plan to visit her grandma under the cover it being an official political trip. Whatever Tlaib’s true intent may have been in wanting to go to Palestine in the first place, there’s no doubt that it also had very important personal motives that are now the only reason why she’s being allowed into there “on humanitarian grounds”, so she should pay for the entire trip herself instead of depending on taxpayers to do so for her.

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