Julian Assange’s Critics And Persecutors Are Dead Jealous of The Charismatic Publisher

Julian Assange helped the voiceless victims of war crimes to have their voices heard. Assange allowed ordinary people to learn that those who rule over them are corrupt, dishonest and violent and he helped expose how the nexus of global power is built not on a thirst for justice but on savage blood-lust. There should therefore be nothing off limits when talking about why the powers that be, including the corporate mainstream media are doing everything they can to demonise Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

In spite of years of hardship and later ongoing torture at the hands of the most powerful nations on earth (as well as a shamefully complicit Ecuador beginning with the election of Lenin Moreno), Assange has long been a symbol of stalwart resilience and resistance.

From his earliest days in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London when he spoke passionately to his supporters from a tiny balcony, to his online presence fighting for the justice of others, to his defiant words as he was being kidnapped and dragged out of the Embassy by force and his stoic thumbs up to the cameras from the back of a prison van, Assange has been the living embodiment of courage and grace under pressure.

As such, it is natural that Assange should inspire and uplift people around the world. In an age where free speech is being stifled left and right and when most people who attain celebrity status do so because of petty and vulgar characteristics, Assange was the publisher who refused to go quietly into the night and now he is paying the ultimate price for his steadfast defence of truth, openness, honesty, justice and peace.

Assange’s female admirers are well known. Some have publicly professed their love for him and in the case of others, it is clear enough that there is a profoundly intimate emotional connection that goes beyond merely standing up for Assange’s rights as a matter of principle.

Although it is not necessarily likely that cold, calculating and violent governments are personally jealous of Assange’s attraction to multiple women in the public sphere, it is highly likely that many personally miserable corporate journalists are in fact supremely jealous of Assange for that reason.

The fact that Assange is an accidental sex symbol whilst most mainstream corporate journalists remain a nameless, faceless, supine and cowardly lot, proves that in an age of bland conformity, the person who stands as heroic individual can still gain the positive attention of others at a level of both friendship and at a level of intimacy.

Many talentless journalists typify the profile of jealous and petty individuals in any case. When one reads the pages of people whose careers are built not on educating, enlightening or improving the world but are instead obsessed with character assassination, bullying and the total obscuring of the truth, it is not hard to see how such people could easily be considered ugly on the inside and out by anyone with an open mind and/or open heart.

Such fake news journalists can rightly be categorised as doing the work of the devil, whilst Julian Assange conforms to the mould of a post-modern angel. Like the man in the Allegory of the Cave as told by Plato, Assange dared to break free from the bondage of false assumptions. As such, like the man in Plato’s cave, Assange travelled to the world above in order to see the light. Upon returning to the cave to tell his fellow prisoners the news that there is a world beyond that of shadows dancing on a prison wall, his fellow prisoners would sooner kill the messenger than openly receive news of enlightenment.

This is the position in which Assange finds himself today. Within this context, it is no wonder that whilst his captors have apparently destroyed Assange’s physical health, his psychological attraction remains so profound that he is still supported by a number of women who quite clearly are in love with him.

Jealousy was the cause of many a war in the ancient world and whilst political leaders and their propagandists pretend to be less petty today, there is a clear element of personal jealously which has motivated the elites and their water carries to make a martyr of Julian Assange.


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