The Free Man’s Burden: A Poem For Julian Assange

When the guns of war are blazing
And you know not what to do
Will you cower with the sheep?
Or to thine own self will you be true?

When walls are built around you
To silence your humble voice
Will you let the herd be thinned out
Or will you stand and make a choice?

When information is being censored
And “journalists” behave like knaves
Will you try to eke out a living
Or speak for those sent to early graves?

When the corrupt sit in seats of power
Will you sit on your hands
Or will you speak truth to power
And like Leonidas make a stand?

They say that free speech is sacrosanct
Yet many of those guards are firing blanks
But when the truth teller is exposed
His flesh is molested by thuggish blows.

Julian, Julian, why didn’t you stop?
You could have partaken in their feast of rot.
You could have been a celebrity.
But instead you decided to set us free.

And with our freedom we condemned you to chains
A march towards an early grave
The honest among us must admit our shame
And on our shoulders you can place the blame.

You demolished the walls built by ages past
And some will shout “too soon – too fast”
But yours was the gift that did not take
In an era where the news is all too fake.

Julian Assange must not be condemned
For being an angel in a world of men
If free speech is ever to be restored
Julian can look on the silent as none but whores.

The man must not die with the word
But to the liar has it occurred,
That if the hero is put on a common thief’s trial
The cowards will reap the riches and the thief will smile?

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