Anything But a Clean Break Brexit is The Antithesis of Brexit

There exist no pair of countries in the world among which a trading arrangement is contingent on political union. There exist no pair of countries in the world among which a trading agreement is contingent on one country dictating which third countries the second party can also trade with. There exist no pair of countries in the world among which trade is conditional upon one country adopting all of the internal regulations of the second. There exist no pair of countries in the world among which trade is conditional upon one country adopting the immigration/emigration policies of the second.

And yet, the European Union proves time and again to be a tumour like exception to these otherwise consistent and logical rules which govern basic contractual relations between nations throughout the world. For the European Union, simple international agreements formed on the basis of a legitimate two-party contract are insufficient. Instead, this malignant organisation seeks the total political, economic, monetary, social, regulatory and soon to be military submission of all its members.

Even worse is that the EU inflicts similar demands on its “closest partners” including EEA members Norway and Iceland. Even putatively independent Switzerland ends up accepting the EU’s draconian demands in exchange for Single Market access.

This is why it would be absurd for Britain to sign any so-called “Brexit deal” with the EU that inflicts the EU’s totally unnecessary, overboard and anti-sovereignty impositions upon the United Kingdom in exchange for some sort of trade deal. In many ways, such a deal would be even worse for Britain than remaining in the EU. This is the case because in such a situation, Britain would continue to be subjected to all of the worst attributes of EU membership in the most unedifying of circumstances imaginable.

It seems that decades of severely declining educational standards and a general social rot have numbed the brains of many in Britain about these highly serious matters. It is as if the political class need reminding that scores of countries around the world have straight forward free trading agreements with one another and all without such agreements requiring the total political, economic, monetary, social, regulatory and military domination of one country over the other. Even the EU itself doesn’t try to pull its shenanigans on countries far away from the Continent of Europe when signing simple free trading agreements.

Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Egypt, Israel, Algeria, Georgia and Lebanon are just some of the countries that have free trading agreements with the EU. Under these agreements, the non-European countries are not mandated to submit themselves to the restrictions of EU membership nor the stealth membership inflicted upon Norway, Iceland and even Switzerland.

There should have never been talk of Britain forming any sort of close and special relationship with the EU after Brexit. Beyond pre-existing commitments to many of the members of the EU due to the general overlapping membership of organisations like NATO, the EU should merely be viewed as a bloc with which Britain can and should trade freely, just as for example Britain’s traditional friends in Canada and South Africa already do.

There is no need to fetishise the EU as some shibboleth that must be revered even when the people have grown wise enough to cease with the idol worship of their callous political masters. A simple free trading agreement is all that was ever required to re-constitute a normal relationship between Britain and the EU in a post-Brexit age. Anything less is not Brexit but is instead a form of embarrassing and lowly submission.

There is no such thing therefore as a “Brexit deal” – other than a simple free trading agreement. All that is required is a straight forward free trading agreement, the likes of which should also be signed with the members of ASEAN, China, the United States, and the Commonwealth.

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