Boris Johnson Has One Last Chance to Deliver Brexit

As was warned by some (although far too few) in 2011, David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s vandalism of the British constitution in the form of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was bound not only to stifle democracy but create a major crisis one day. That day is now. 

With opposition parties committed to stopping a much needed general election from happening based on the outrageously powerful position in which they now find themselves thanks to the hideously anti-democratic 2011 Act, there is but one option left through which Boris Johnson can achieve a general election that would avoid the opposition parties putting the brakes on Brexit.

It remains within the government’s prerogative to request a prorogation of Parliament from the Queen and likewise it is that same Royal Prerogative that can cancel a prorogation. Therefore, the government can and should cancel next week’s prorogation (inclusive of the party conference season) so that Parliament can spend the next few weeks repealing the 2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Unlike utilising the Act to call a general election, something that would require an obscene 3/4ths majority of the House of Commons, repealing the Act would merely require a simple majority. Although Boris Johnson leads a minority government, it is still conceivable that he could find the simple majority necessary to repeal this act.

If he could repeal the Act sometime before the last week of September, it would then be possible to hold a general election prior to October the 31st. This is the case because with the 2011 Act out of the way, the Prime Minister could simply ask the Queen for a dissolution of Parliament without having to jump through a proverbial ring of fire before hand.

Unless the opposition parties change their minds about voting for an election on Monday, this would seem to be one of the few paths forward for Brexit and for the current UK government. As a bonus, it would at long last ride Britain of one of the worst pieces of constitutional vandalism ever to befall the country.

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