Liberalism (a poem)

They abolished shame after the war
In the afterglow of our last moment of pride
Content forevermore to never know
That permissiveness requires no one to abide.

They abolished the noose but not the murderer
Council houses for every burglar
An adulterer’s paradise were the chaste are mocked
The floodgates flung open – all sanctuary blocked.

To hate the sin and not the sinner
Is difficult though not impossible
But to court the loser and slaughter the winner
Is the symptom of rule by the irresponsible.

The lunatics haven’t just been released
They govern the sane whose power has ceased
A few good men sacrificed for too many new laws
By those who would venerate the most base human flaws.

The world was never perfect but it has become worse
By those who believe atonement is a symptom of curse
Bad behaviour used to be named in plain sight
Now “everyone’s a victim” – much to the thief’s menacing delight.

Those who would destroy us often sound attractive
As they speak in tones familiar to those they seek to seduce
And yet they themselves slip out before they are impacted
The abusers who cannot handle a moment’s abuse.

Today, the moral man is meant to feel insane
Whilst every act of wickedness is called virtuous and sublime
The profound has been abolished in favour of the inane
A punishment fit for a society that has smugly “abolished crime”.

Now our streets are filled with blood and smut
And all the children are in a rut.
All the women parade like whores
Before they weep for repentance by the bolted church door.

When the last moral man is locked in a cage
And humiliated like a monkey before his fellow men,
Will anyone voice their protest and rage
At the fact that “liberalism has gone too far” – yet again?

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