Justin Trudeau Runs Afoul of “Die Partei”

Justin Trudeau is perhaps the world’s finest exponent of the new wave of ultra-sectarian liberalism which tends to be known as “identity politics”. In reality, this “new” ideology is little more than East German style communism only with racial, ethnic and sexual identities replacing that of classical Marxist-Leninist class identity. Whilst those in wealthy countries like Canada rarely identified with the proletarian struggle of those in Cold War era East Berlin (even during the heady days of Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau), under the current Canadian Prime Minister, a putatively free country has fallen under the spell of identity politics which by definition is sectarian rather than tolerant and dictatorial rather than free and open.

But whilst the dangers of this sectarianism with new age characteristics have been widely known for many years, the sheer dogmatic psychological totalitarianism that is required in order to perpetually enforce both the written and given “laws of identity politics”, are revealed most nakedly when a proponent of identity politics becomes hoist with his own petard.

A photo from the year 2001 has emerged in which Justin Trudeau is seen donning the blackface of the Al Jolson variety. But whilst in Jolson’s day, blackface was a mainstream form of entertainment, even before Trudeau was born, blackface had long been summarily rejected by mainstream North American culture.

In a normal circumstance, Trudeau’s photo faux pas would have been an issue of tabloid gossip that would have likely required a short apology for the frivolity of a liberal (misspent) youth before the world moved on to more serious matters. But in Trudeau’s case it is not that simple.

The kind of identity politics championed by Trudeau seeks to permanently punish individuals who do not conform to the ever evolving diktats of what in East Germany was known as “Die Partei”. Moreover, whilst donning blackface is a conscious act, liberals of Trudeau’s kidney have often destroyed the social, economic and family lives of ordinary people for “infractions” against “Die Partei” that were entirely accidental and materially incidental.

Of course, two wrongs never make a right and as such, whilst it is correct to expose Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy for expecting the world to accept his straightforward apology for a decades old evening of poor taste, this is not where the story ends. According to the rules endorsed by the likes of Trudeau himself, the Canadian Prime Minister should be forced to resign – never to hold public office or a respectable job again.

The extremism of liberal identitarians is clearly something that Justin Trudeau has sensibly rejected when he stands to be a potential victim of the rules of “Die Partei”. Thus, the ever more petty western world is faced with only two ways to avoid falling into a trap of hypocrisy over this matter.

First of all, Trudeau’s critics could sink to the level of the liberal identitarians¬† in demanding the full scale ostracism of the Canadian Prime Minister. Or secondly, one could demand that Trudeau tells his fellow liberals to learn the art of forgiveness against acts of frivolity that might temporarily offend some but which ultimately do not hurt anyone. In this sense, Trudeau is now in a strong position to tell his fellow liberals that they have taken their sectarian crusade much, much, much too far and that it is time to become humans at peace with their own fallibility, rather than fleshy humanoids on a mission to destroy common sense and basic freedoms.

The second option is of course the only ethical one as the very premise underlying the communistic ideology of modern liberal identitarians is anathema to the values of a truly free society. In a free society, people have the absolute right to offend and people should have no expectation to be shielded from offence. Because of this, free societies have tended to develop unspoken rules of politeness in which something that causes offence is often apologised for if one genuinely regrets the offence caused. After such an apology is made, the world moves on and all is forgiven.

This is not only the right way but it happens to be the Christian way. Therefore, let all those offended by Justin Trudeau’s blackface not only forgive him but let them also tell Trudeau to reconsider his alignment with the cruel, crass, slavish and anti-Christian ideology of “Die Partei”. If Trudeau expects the genuine forgiveness that he is entitled to according to the rules of a free and decent society, he must genuinely apologise for championing the most unforgiving political ideology to ever hold power in the modern history of the western world.

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